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  1. Bueller

    Seat Mods

    I have a second “low” seat for my GSA which I don’t need. I do find the regular seat a bit hard the arse and was considering an upgrade. Is there a local upholster that does good custom bike seats? Considering using the low seat pan to get something made
  2. Bueller

    R1200GSA low seat

    Anyone looking to buy a low seat for a 2014GSA ?
  3. Bueller

    Was out and about, it didn’t suck

    Had a couple free hours before the rain
  4. Bueller

    Dare I start a Tire Thread?

    80/20 tires for my GSA ? I’ve used Shinko 705 on other bikes, What is decent for the GSA . A bit heavier a bit more HP than the others
  5. Bueller

    Change of Pace

    Does this mean I have to change my screen name ?
  6. Bueller

    Looking for a new ADV bike 1000+ cc

    changed my mind, give the Buell another summer as my main pony
  7. Bueller

    Bike project, need seat

    Hey folks, I’ve an ‘83 VT500ft scrambler project on the go. Finally got it up and running thanks to some previously loved pulse coils acquired from Mr. Josh Reid, an awesome carb rebuild by Keith at Toy Box, & a few other sundries also acquired from Toy Box and Honda One. I have the original...
  8. Bueller

    Preliminary Bike Shopping

    I’m thinking I’m due a new ADV bike, love the Buell but time for something else I think maybe a little more off road oriented. Thinking mid sized, but don’t think I want to go 650 thinking 800-1000 Not a fan of buying brand new something I may want to ram down a quad trail just to see where...
  9. Bueller

    Red indian lake

    Any updates from this summer on road conditions Buchans to Burgeo?