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    Paint Protection Film (PPF)

    If you take a look at the Tenere 700 Owners thread on AdvRider, there are some folks who have added minimal protectors for their soft luggage that are both effective and easy to affix and remove. You most likely aren’t nearly as anal about their motorcycles appearance as I am, but if it were my...
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    Paint Protection Film (PPF)

    PPF is definitely good stuff, but I suspect that it might scuff quickly with soft luggage rubbing against it. I would respectfully submit that it might be a good idea to add support brackets for the luggage as well.
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    Of all the things you should not do.

    He didn’t elaborate as to the level of coverage he purchased... :p
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    Of all the things you should not do.

    I understand the utilitarian value of the Big Ruckus to you, murph. The image of G.I. Jane and yourself riding off into the sunset from our meeting spot in town back in 2012 will forever be emblazoned in The Mrs. and my memories! :) With that said, I hope that you don’t abandon your plan to...
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    Of all the things you should not do.

    After all of that suspense, another Big Ruckus? :rolleyes:
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    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    Your Panniers must be bigger than mine! ;)
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    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    Just wondering if LED Lanterns and Head Lights don’t make conventional lanterns obsolete?
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    They are being added at an alarming rate here in Wisconsin. As Backdraft and others have mentioned, I think they are fine in low volume applications, but in heavier traffic I see a disturbing trend where the biggest vehicles never yield to others and just bull their way through. If you are...
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    All this talk about sleeping bags and liners isn’t making me feel any cooler down here. This is the current temperature out on our balcony. It translates to 38 C. I’m glad that we will finally be able to head back home next week!
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    That’s the only good thing about filtering in my mind. The vehicles along side of you are more likely to take the hit from careless drivers approaching from behind.
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    Bit the bullet on a new Husqvarna today

    I’ve got a Husqvarna as well, but it’s a snow thrower. Not built by KTM, though! ;)
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    Air hawk seat cushions

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that most Corbin Saddles sold are off the shelf items. The only way to purchase a true custom Saddle is to have it built to your exact dimensions and riding posture. I have had two Russell Saddles made for me, and I can categorically say that each was worth...
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    Show your stickers.

    Paging TonisToo...
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    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    With a high temperature over 100 degrees predicted each day for the rest of our stay in Arizona, I figured today was as good time as any for my last desert ride. Despite a total of five minutes of rain in the three months that we have been here, the Saguaro and Barrel Cactus were blooming. By...
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    Battery tender

    Nope. But it's only because I never keep a motorcycle that long. ;)