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    Yellowstone – Season 5

    I've got a nice set of Gerbing heavy heated gloves that I bought years ago after a March ride to NS across the Island.Also have a Vest and full jacket liner from same company. The jacket liner I picked up at a Fundraiser for the SPCA cheep...Can turn a miserable cold ride into a totally...
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    Camp Fire

    Old school. Cast-iron still stands the test of time. A bit heavy for the bike tho
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    Wood stove for sale

    Stacking next winters wood this weekend. I've seen some serious woodpiles out here. No trouble to tell its been a good summer for drying wood
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    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    That can be a terrifying experience ! Trying to pull over safely as quickly as possible and getting your kit off frantically. No fun. Glad you're not allergic!
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    Throwback Thursday.

    before new exhaust and lift table
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    I rolled over 76,000 on the F650 odometer yesterday..
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    RTR lost a member

    Have posted this one before but now its a great photo of a good man doing what he enjoyed with friends of the road...Rest in Peace
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    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    "Nope I'm already booked on a different show. From what I've heard so far this is going to be one massive shit show! " That's insightful- you must know a lot about it ...
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    Show your stickers.

    Spracken zie doitch anyone ?
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    Show your stickers.

    couple of my favourites Thanks- but I'm pretty good at this one
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    bike rental - long shot

    So...he'll just cab it from the airport... How does this work ?
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    bike rental - long shot

    As it buddy is looking to rent a larger bike for a week end of the month. He's coming from Halifax and needs to go to Gander to see his folks. Everything I have is out of commission for the time being except the TW. He's will to pay good $$. has a couple nice Beemers in the stable in...
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    Of all the things you should not do.

    Good on ya Murph - congratulations !
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    Show your stickers.

    not a sticker but still you gotta watch out for juggling unicyclists in these parts ..