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    Show your stickers.

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    There's a lockdown on?
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    Air hawk seat cushions

    Use one for a few years before going with custom seats, and still got it for the BIg. They work awesome, but the key is to inflate them just barely enough to have a minimal gap between ass and seat. ppl over inflate them and then complain that they are not that good. Throw a sheep skin on...
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    we only had 1633 cases today
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    Pandemic projects.....and go.

    Our big pandemic project last year was a new deck topped off with a basic but effective fence. The deck was initially going to be basic as well but with not doing any vacations due to the obvious, we decided to go for broke. its small, but cozy for the two of us. Scary to think what all this...
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    What BC is doing is criminal....but its BC so they will sit tight and put up with it. luckily ppl here in AB have enough balls to stand up against our govt.
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    Dare I start a Tire Thread?

    Mitas E07. Only tire the 1200 needs.
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    HD Pan America

    It's hideous. Could be the best thing since slice bread, but I would dry heave every time I looked at it in its natural environment...the garage. Everyone universally panned the styling until they were wine and dined by Harley at the press events.
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    Dare I start a Tire Thread?

    Mitas e07’s. Only tire you need.
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    Throwback Thursday.

    Let’s see. I had hair (ish) and my fire iridium fmj Oakley’s which I bought right after getting LASIK in 2000….and I think this was the last year my buddy had his hurricane on the road which I grabbed for the day, so let’s call this one 18 ish years ago. Heatherton/jefferys/McKay’s area.
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    Sweet Jebus, the astra shot kicked my ass. Any other time I'de have gotten myself to the hospital with the way I felt last night. Uncontrollable shivering. Feeling ok now at 24 hr later...just drained. everyone we know who got it had pretty much the exact same experience.
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    Just got my first shot, now im indestructible.......indestructible.....
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    Bringing the Doctor back to life.

    We all will eventually.
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    Bringing the Doctor back to life.

    I thought I would have her ready for the road this days off, but you know how things go. Anyway, here is the current state of things. i'm not pulling full days working on this thing, just a few hours in the morning every other day. back to work in a few days, but next set off Ill be pulling a...
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    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    Not my photo but an example of the methane bubbles.. .