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    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    Looks great. I'm sure you can pick up the parts to get a center stand under it fairly cheaply in the used market. Or perhaps someone out there would like to lower their g650?
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    Bike value questions

    I have heard that insurance companies have a "book" with monetary values. Said values relate to payouts for things like lost time and potential physical injuries incurred during a vehicular accident. (I was just going about my daily business when the other driver caused the accident, my pain...
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    Super Glad to hear you are OK TownieGlenn! You are right that you may not have been seen even if you were wearing Flashing lights!!! Always ride like people are trying to take you out. You should ask the insurance to send your bike to the dealer of your choice to have the damage assessed...
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    My insurance was $228 for the KLR and the 800GS. (PL only for both)
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    I have seen this feller before somewhere...
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    I know that guy!
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    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    Since the weather was supposed to be crap on the weekend, me and #sweetbabyGSus ran the Irish Loop on Thursday. Heads up, there was a lot (A LOT) of sand on the roads in Trepassey. Potholes haven't gotten any better and the typical fierce headwinds along the bottom of the peninsula. Beauty day...
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    What are you reading ?

    Neil Peart's books are on my list Bob :)
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    F800GS with Big Touratech fuel tank

    Do any of y'all know who owned / owns the White F800GS with the Touratech additional fuel tank? Sin Jawns area i believe...
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    What are you reading ?
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    Beach rock art

    I love it! (I knew a guy growing up nicknamed pothole!!!)
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    Touring Newfoundland

    Watched your video on YU tube Jim. Gave it a like.
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    KLX 400 availability

    (Dat a Wakasaki you on buddy? Can she wheelie? Pelt :rolleyes:
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    Mid size ADV starter bike

    What HE ^^^ said
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    KLX 400 availability

    Every now and again, I think about "upgrading" the old klx250... I'm basically looking for more power out of a lightish Kawasaki branded trail ready, enduro, i.e. DOT legal bike. Does anybody reading this know for any KLX 400 machines laying around.I have seen in back in the day pictures on...