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    Thanks Bob. Yeah, looking back at it, it was a large bike for my first street bike but I just wanted something old and needing work and it fit the bill. The engine though was nice and smooth so no real issues learning on it. The Japanese had the British bikes in their sights with these new inline four bikes, mine was quite a fast bike for a 650, beautiful sound too once you hit 4500 rpm. IIRC it was lighter and faster than the more well known CB750. I'm not sure about other models but mine only had five gears.
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    Only the FJR now, I parted out the 06 KLR and that pic of the XR was taken in my garage in Ontario in the late 90's.

    There may have been a cigarette in the RM pic, after all it was the 80's :) great times
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    1964? Honda CB50 scooter - got my license on it - only had it the fall/winter of 1972/73
    1966? Honda CA72 the 175cc cousin of the Dream - had for 2 months in 1973 before I got the 350
    1967 Honda CL350 Scrambler bought off a draft dodger in'73 - rode it to college in Ontario and back and then traded it in on the Beemer
    1970 BMW R75/5 rode that from summer '74 until it threw a counter balance rivet and seized in 1990
    1980/81/82 -Honda CB750 a lot of used parts on that bike before I got the ST1300. Was supposed to be a "stop gap" bike. Rode it from 1990 to 2005
    2005 Honda ST1300A - first new bike I ever bought and still riding, 187,500 km. on it now
    Not a lot of photos of my early bikes, but here I am at 22.

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    1977 Honda Trail CT70 - Uncle bought it for use at the cabin and I rode it on the beaches of Port Aux Basques as a young fella. Sold when I started University.

    2008 Yamaha XT250 - Bought off a Ride The Rock member after I got my motorcycle license at age 40. High miles for a 250.

    2007 Kawasaki Versys 650 - Bought off a Ride The Rock member fully farkled. Probably should have kept this one.

    2010 Vespa 300 GTS Super - Bought off another Ride The Rock Member. Traded my XT250 plus cash. Still have it.

    2011 BMW R1200 GS Triple Black - First brand new motorcycle. Will never part with it. 52,400 kms and counting. One day we will go to Alaska.

    1987 BMW R80 RT - Boxer love!

    2000 BMW F650 GS - Rode it to Point Rosie. Not the sexiest looking bike. Probably should have kept this one.

    1978 Honda CB400 Twin - Project bike, kept me sane last winter. Made a little money on it too.

    2013 BMW F800 R - Always said I’d have an 800. Only 1,328 kms on the clock by original owner who purchased in 2016. Looking forward to many more. This roadster suits the riding I like to do on the island but also makes a decent sport tourer.

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    Nice to have photos of every bike you have owned!
    I don’t think there were cameras when I started buying and riding motorcycles. :p
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    Thanks to everyone who shared their memories here.:)
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    I was a late-comer to motorcycling, not having gotten my license until age 42 ... that, despite my younger brother owning a '78 Honda 400 Twin back in the early 80's which I coulda learned on! LOL!
    Have owned several Bikes though in the years taking the Safety Council Course (as it was known then), starting with an old '85Rebel that I picked up for around $900
    '85 Honda CMX250 Rebel
    '03 'zuki LS650 Savage
    '06 'zuki VS800 S50 Boulevard
    '05 'zuki LS650 S40 Boulevard
    '08 Honda CBR125R
    '07 Kawi EX250 ZZ-R
    '06 Honda VT750DC Shadow Spirit
    '10 Honda VT750RS Shadow (current)

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