Year of Endless Adventure - Labrador and Newfoundland from Philadelphia

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  1. Sno Dawg - Jeff

    Sno Dawg - Jeff New Member

    The wife, dog and I are heading up to Labrador and Newfoundland with the truck and our Tepui roof top tent.
    * We entered a contest for Tepui roof top tents called Tepui Year of Endless Adventure.
    ** 20 - 24 days in the Canadian north woods!!

    Motorcycles - 4x4s - dogs - moose - icebergs - logging roads - roof top tents

    Check out our video, watch it on YOUTUBE and please hit "like" if you do.

    We might be bringing the TW200 for fun around camp!!!

    Here is our glamping set up.....

    Teeth to the wind,
    Sno Dawg and Sno Wife
  2. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard Sno Dog. Saw your post on ADV. Cool life.
    If yee need anything in the planning or execution feel free to pick the brain of the little content it has.
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  3. Sno Dawg - Jeff

    Sno Dawg - Jeff New Member

    Thanks Murph - this is a fantastic site and I know I will be spending a ton of time on here researching prior to our trip north!

  4. skibum69

    skibum69 Active Member

    That TW will get you into lots of nice places. I’m in the market for one for my missus

    You’ve only got 3 weeks? You’re not going to have time to see a whole lot. What kinds of things are you looking for in Labrador? The tour of the Churchill Falls hydro plant is worth it, the turbine floor is 1000’ underground, I have done a lot of work there.

    The Esker road is an interesting out and back, google it.

    How much of the island are you hoping to see?
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  5. Sno Dawg - Jeff

    Sno Dawg - Jeff New Member

    Thanks Skibum,
    The TW200 is the go to bike! I am really hoping we can include it on our trip. Putting it on the kitchen carrier is easy but is limits access to the back of the 4Runner.

    My wife and I can cover some ground with the truck and hope to do some nice side trips - thanks for your recommendation!
    Churchhill Falls hydro plant
    Esker Road

    We spent 2 weeks in Newfoundland in 2002 when I had to do research and we gravel bar camped all over the west coast.

    This summer we have three weeks in Temagami guiding a canoe trip, 3+ weeks on the Labrador trip and 3 weeks in a small town in Italy - my wife is a professional violinist and she plays in a string festival in the small town of Orvieto.

    Sno Dawg
  6. skibum69

    skibum69 Active Member

    Professional violinist? In a couple of weeks I’m going to see the National Symphony at the Kennedy Centre, the New York Philhormonic and opening night of Romeo and Juliet at the Met. There will be a few violinists there.:p

    You won’t have time to hit my neighbourhood in the island.
  7. Backdraft

    Backdraft Member

    Nice route to go in truck or motorcycle...West Coast of island

    PM me when in area and if you are interested I can guide you through...

    Leave Hughes Brook (Corner Brook), head north towards Old Mans Pond, Goose Arm, continue on to Lomond Sink Hole, [this link show alternate route passable in small car from Bonne Bay Big Pond into the Sinkhole]...... come back to "unnamed Road in white" and then on to Glenbournie . You are then able to go to Woody Point, Tablelands, Trout River area.

    Been trying to plot on google maps, but not having much success. All dirt roads, very passable in offroad type vehicle

    Here is the route from Hughes Bk to Woody Point


    Here is the side route from the above from "Unnamed Road (in RED)" to Lomond Sinkhole (Unnamed Road in WHITE below)
    upload_2018-4-11_11-7-2.png upload_2018-4-11_11-9-51.jpeg

    Good luck, hope to see you guys on the road

  8. Backdraft

    Backdraft Member

    Also, if you wish to canoe the Lower Humber River from Pasadena (Boom side south west end of Deer Lake) onto Corner Brook you are more then welcome to use my Old Town canoe, I can help you get geared up. It would be about a 4 hour trip provided no strong head winds in the steady.

    All this is pending when you will be in my area as I have also a few trips on motorcycle planned this summer.

    Or what a lot of people are doing is using a small dingy each and leaving from Steady brook to the Ballum Bride near Corner Brook. 3 hours, lots of fun!

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  9. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    Good on yee, BackDraft.
  10. Sno Dawg - Jeff

    Sno Dawg - Jeff New Member

    You guys are the best - thesis are great suggestions and I might take you up on the canoe!!

    We are really looking forward to this trip and getting back to Newfoundland and exploring Labrador!

    I had read about the Humber River when we were there in 2002!!

  11. Sno Dawg - Jeff

    Sno Dawg - Jeff New Member

    Hey Skibum69,
    That sounds like a wonderful night of music. I am sitting in our kitchen right now and my wife is practicing for a concert this weekend. I get treated to orchestral music almost every night! ha ha - sometimes it makes it tough to watch the hockey games!

    Sno Dawg - Jeff
  12. skibum69

    skibum69 Active Member

    Actually that’s 3 nights of music, 1 in DC amd 2 in NYC
  13. Sno Dawg - Jeff

    Sno Dawg - Jeff New Member

    That is a real treat. A couple of years ago I surprised my wife with a trip to NY to see her favorite violinist Anne Sophie Mutter - 7th row-dead center at a breathtaking concert after a wonderful dinner. I have to say it was a magical night and Ms Mutter did not disappoint. We got to meet her after the concert for a brief but memorable moment.

    We were so close you could watch her breathe and watch every fingering on the neck of her Stradivarius violin- what an artist!
    I don't think I took a breath the entire time she was playing.

    I will try to find pictures of the night!
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  14. HunterSon

    HunterSon Active Member

    That was incredible!
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  15. skibum69

    skibum69 Active Member

    That was a lovely piece of music to enjoy during breakfast! The missus greatly enjoyed it too. She wants to start playing the cello now.

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