What did you do to your bike today?

Discussion in 'Technical & Maintenance' started by fortech, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Trash

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    Fair criticism to be sure. I guess the point I was trying to make was one should not be afraid to purchase a BMW motorcycle over concerns about higher operating costs. I have owned virtually every brand of motorcycle in my life, and with one exception (HD), they have all proven to be reasonably reliable, given the proper maintenance. If the maintenance schedule tells you to do something, do it. If you don't and something fails, don't blame the Manufacturer.
  2. RossKean

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    I absolutely agree that maintenance is key. As with any complex piece of equipment, there is always something that can go wrong and no matter what you do, shit may happen!
    For the most part, the Japanese brands have done better in terms of reliability/repair than European or North American but (according to some) the Asian bikes lack some of the coolness of German or Italian steeds!
  3. skibum69

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    Not much in any Japanese lineup stirs my soul much. Lately I’ve been lusting after Motus MSTR
  4. HunterSon

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    It looks like a BMW R1200 touring bike had an affair with a Honda ST1300.
  5. versys Rob

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    Popped a new tire and tube on my dirt bike last night. Last tire and tube lasted about 35years! Good price from Terry at Honda 1. He basically matched on line price and had it for me next day. Job took 10 mins. Wife did ask why I was going to garage with soap and baby powder!
  6. versys Rob

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    I still have a fast red st 1300 for sale. Will even store it for winter. Cold today coming to work on my new blue one. I wore sneakers. Got Icey ankles. I have 4pairs of m/c boots,buy was in a hurry. Atgatt
  7. skibum69

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    Yeah maybe but 180 HP helps make up for it:p
  8. Jim C-G

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    I installed a new battery. I fried the old one and honestly it was totally my mistake. A series of mistakes.
  9. keith

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  10. TonisToo

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    Rode the Vespa in to The Toy Box for its 10,000km service. The ride in was very cold on the hands but the ride home was no picnic either with the ice pellets and snow. I home this is not an early Winter but if it is I hope that means an early Spring.
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  11. Bob

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    " A series of mistakes."
    We live in a 'Parallel' universe LOL
  12. Bob

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    Da Wha!!!???
    Finally rectified the DWALO error reading on the R12GS DWA by digging deep (two doz. 'fasteners' later...) and changing the two little batteries in the alarm system. Very straightforward. Meant to do it years ago but keep leaving the fob back home. Two CR123 batteries for the alarm and one CR2032 for the fob.
    Looks like the Factory or PO used Red Locktite. I used Blue as the batteries need changing every two to three years.

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