What came after Tennessee?

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    That pic was a couple of years ago.

    Bob, I did not even ask about my presentation at this rally but I did talk to a lot of folks there and many of them want to come to NL. I certainly had plenty of opportunity to tell them about our B&B project. I wouldn’t say they really consider the LS a touring bike as there are plenty of RS’s and RT’s around which are touring machines. Most people seemed to be from the eastern seaboard with a few from Florida and a lot from close by. The furthest plate. Saw was an R80 from Colorado that had been reworked by the company that did all of the Dakar builds back n the day, good looking machine.

    At the CroMag rally in Vermont I did give my little presentation for a few folks there, a bunch of my friends there wer3 at the Skibum Soirée last year.
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    This little fella stopped to say hi
    But now it was time to go, I was missing Hans talk about the LS wh h saddened me but I really wanted to get to CroMag in Vermont for the first time in 5 years. I hit the pad in the morning and my shorty map led me astray a few times so it took longer than it should have. I should have been smarter and written down the route from Google. Idiot. Either way it was a fun day of riding mostly back roads to get there.
    I got to Silver Lake State Park for my 5th time just n time for the BBQ dinner that Mary and Jamie have been putting on for years. It was great to see a bunch of my friends with hugs all around. After supper the fire was on with big logs and we got the projector set up for me to give my Newfoundland presentation after dark. The projector gave up the ghost about 3/4 the way through so we went back to the fire and more beer. I was super stoked as 3 of my buddies brought me Heady Topper beer! Yee Haw! I stayed up with Clark, the guy who hosts this rally and a couple of other guys until about 03:00 before I hit the hay.

    Morning comes and I wasn’t in a big hurry, my buddies I camped with were long gone and I toodled along getting packed up for the road. Aaron told me to take the nterstate north and get on route 2 headed east which was perfect as t ran all the way from Vermont to Bangor to pick up route 9 to Calais and the border. I was away.

    Somewhere in Maine I was pulled over by a cop and when I said. thought the speed limit was 55 he said 50. He was a nice guy and let me off. Some time later blazing through a town I stopped at a red light and was on the gas and totally did not see the next red light. Yikes! Luckily the other drivers saw my error and I didn’t die. Mane was tough so I got my head back n the game and ran for the border. When I rolled up the border guy said Saint John was only about and hour away—he lied! I ended up running in the dark for 1/2 hour or more which didn’t like. One of my LED’s had a funky bracket which made it point at the road but I was surprised at how good they were. I followed a car to make it a little better and found a nice hotel in Saint John.

    The next morning I pondered my route a little and the time I had to get to the boat. I said fuck it and went to PEI for shits and giggles. I made a stop in Charlottetown and ran down for the ferry. I had a little time there so went for a look around and stopped at Bear Cove lighthouse.
    I was on the boat after a good run
    The ferry was nice as always and I was on the gas on the regular road to Sydney looking for something to eat. It was not worth the extra ride and time and back to North Sydney in the dark for wings at Montana’s, don’t bother if you’re going!
    I was the only bike lined up for the ferry but I did see a touring motorcycle at the terminal and wondered which way that was going?
    On the boat and I was very surprised to find this on the menu
    I had a couple of beers with the guys who were nice enough to give me a bump start to get on the boat and then was very pleased to get a berth on the waiting list. Time for bed.
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    Sounds like a pretty great trip. Hwy 2 across Maine is OK but there are better choices if you have the time. I definitely prefer #9 to beating it out on I-95.
    St. Stephen border crossing to Saint John shouldn't be much more than an hour on #1 but it depends a bit on where in Saint John.
    I was hoping to do CroMag this year but had to stick around home. Maybe next year...
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    Thanks for the detail Mike.
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    I hear you about route 2 but after having a few navigation errors with my shitty map it was far easier to stick to a single route and running through Bethel and Newby brought back memories of the 5 seasons I did at Sunday River.

    Sooo...as you know try to get my daily mileage from my GPS but in Sydney I got these numbers and I have no real idea why, 30 km’s max speed? Doesn’t matter I guess, the running total is still clicking along.
    Up early as always on the boar, downstairs for a very mediocre breakfast and ready to pack up and ride. The fact that my Ortlieb roll top panniers fit in my hard bags makes life so much easier. As I was mildly struggling to close the hard case the guy behind me offered to help. All good thanks.

    Even better I ran into the guy on the bicycle. He’d started his trip in Tuktoyaktuk and had ridden all the way here. He was not impressed he’d missed the last Argentia boat by 3 days. I wished him luck and rolled off the boat. A quick check told me it was only 7°. Damn! I got going and my frozen fingers made me think of my winter gloves packed in my duffel. I was too stubborn to stop and dig them out so I just suffered as a popsicle all the way home. My long underwear was another thing I’d forgotten to bring back down with me so my knees were pretty chilly too. I still had a smile on m6 face as I was going home and my bike was too to make for the best summer of riding I’ve had in a long time. It’s a hike to get home from the boat but damned if I’m gong to stop for anything besides gas. Pretty good time for 3 gas stops.
    To add a little ending to the story the following Saturday the missus and I drove to Grand Falls for a little beer fest they were putting on. We passed Julien on his bicycle somewhere east of there. I gave him a toot toot toot on the way by. The next day on the way home I was expecting to see him but figured he’d hunkered down I; the rain until I caught him goin* up a hill at least 100 km’s from the day before. I stopped and waited for hi: at the top of the hill and boy was he surprised to see me. He had done 180 km’s the day before! Holy shit! I asked if he needed anything and he was good saying he expected to be n town Monday eve. Tuesday I was headed to town and he got in early afternoon. We got together and I took him to Quid Vidi brewery to celebrate his trip and fed him full of beer. He’s from France and lives n Toronto. His 4 1/2 month trip took him 17860 kilometres! WhenI dropped him off ready to head offshore the next morning I felt my trip had finally ended too.
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    Sounds like a great trip.
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    It was a good summer with one trip for the bike turned into two trips for me.

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