Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

Discussion in 'Ride Reports & Photos' started by murph, Oct 28, 2013.

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    Different Cylinder heads
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    Here's a pic I took of an R60 at Starbucks (no pride when I get low on caffiene) in Port Alberni last week:
    According to the owner (a Senior expat from the UK ) these older models were "scarce as hen's teeth on the Continent" and were fetching premium prices as per the advert above from Castanet. I pumped gas to one of these in the 1960's. It was owned by an American Serviceman of Colour who was riding it home from the Argentina Base. I thought it was too quiet back then, but now I love the sound of the boxer twin in the power band.

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  5. HunterSon

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    A perfect 14 degrees here today.
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  6. TonisToo

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    No, new "peanut" valve covers
  7. keith

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    Beauty day for a ride on the new (to me) bike.


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  8. HunterSon

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    I see you bought my old bike. It is a fantastic bike. Did you pick it up at Atlantic Recreation? I told them I got a letter in the mail about a recall on the ECU and to contact the new owner about it.
  9. keith

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    Nope, i bouht it private trade/sale. He said the ECU recall has been done. Its a fantastic bike!

    Why did you trade it?
  10. HunterSon

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    Got a FJ-09 instead. A very similar bike but fit my shorter stature a little better. I drove that VStrom down the dirt road to Burgeo with Scooter before they fixed it up. Scooter kept me upright and out of trouble. I do miss the instant torque though. And the windscreen.
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  11. murph

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    I hear it comes undercoated.
  12. Trash

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    ??? o_O
    Must be an inside joke.
  13. HunterSon

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    Scooter was riding point on his VStrom 650 and when ever he came upon a washout or boulder field he would stop and point to the best route or was ready to spot me so I didn’t tip over.
  14. HunterSon

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    Keith, if you look on the inside of the swingarm in front of the rear tire you will probably find some petrified road tar from a horrible day in Grose Morne where they tarred both sides of the road and then let traffic pass. My tires grew nearly an inch in diameter. Some of it just wouldn’t come off.
  15. keith

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    Yes, i remember you posting about that on the forum! It's got new tires on it now. Bridgestone Battlax Adventure. They are pretty road oriented though.

    The FJ-09 was on my short list as well. Beauty bike. Ironically, i'm looking to get a tall seat for the Strom now. :)
  16. HunterSon

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    How many Km were on it when you picked it up?
  17. keith

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    14,500 kms. All fluids were changed this past winter. Beak is a little cracked at the tip.
  18. HunterSon

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    I let it go with about 12k on it. No cracks in the beak though. I did at least 6 oil and filter changes on it.
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