Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

Discussion in 'Ride Reports & Photos' started by murph, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. EmmBeeDee

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    Hey Dave, this is what you missed when you left us in Port Medway.

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  2. murph

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    Took the Tiger out for a 300+km spin today. Petty Hr to Holyrood but the Conception Bay traffic meant a run across the Hodgewater line where loads of fresh gravel is sitting on the hard pack. Coffee in Whitbourne and a run to Colinet through Markland. Dropped in to see a retired co-worker at his cabin on the south side of North Hr before a fast run to Placentia on the gravel. The growl of the triple and the bite of the TKCs meant the fuel mileage was suffering so the light came on just as I was coming up to the Foxtrap access road on the return in the TCH. 300kms and nearly 20 liters mean that the GSA does slightly better mileage even when fully loaded.
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  3. HunterSon

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    6.66 L/100km........I wonder if that has any relation to your mysterious power over electronics?
  4. murph

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    Took the Tiger out the road today. Looped down through Normans Cove and I got caught in the first of many showers for the day. Stops included St Jones Within, Clarenville, Charlottetown, Bunyans Cove and Petley and a far too quick stop in Shoal Hr where I shagged up Bobs bath before fueling up for the spin in the highway. 675 kms for the day and ran the edge of far too many thunder claps.
  5. Wayne

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    Not a fan of riding in these warm temps, but certainly makes for beautiful evening rides!

  6. HunterSon

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    Did the Cape Shore loop today. 300km. Lots of patch and scratch done on the eastern end but still many bad sections.
    It's like playing a video game, threading and weaving your way through the bad parts while trying to maintain your pace. Really windy until I made the turn north at St. brides. I took some time lapse video but compressing a 4 hour ride into 5 minutes is kind of hard to watch.

    GPTempDownload.png GPTempDownload.png GPTempDownload.png
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  7. fortech

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    Left Corner Brook yesterday around 12:30 PM for a spirited 2up ride to Dildo Run PP to grab the last campsite at around 6:30 PM. A few stops along the way for food and provisions but a great afternoon ride.

    Upon entering the park I observed a flock of Harley's at the first campsite to the left near the Main Gate. Straight pipes, alcohol, and some flexing of muscle during the night (how else would you describe starting up bikes 2-3 AM and revving your engine?) made for a love/hate night at Dildo Run. Maybe the early morning symphony of V-Twin was a compensation for other short comings...

    On the shiny new Veteran for a day trip and breakfast on Fogo Island. Weather looking favourable for the day but showers coming overnight.
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  8. murph

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    Took my latest guests to New Melbourne today to pass them on to Skibum. Keep your eye out for 2 DR650s road loaded with a couple of great RTW riders.

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  9. fortech

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    Survived the night in Dildo Run, minimal showers overnight. The 2017 addition of a tarp to the camping kit has come in handy several times already this year, as did the knots taught to me by Lou and Paul in Trout River.


    The Fire Ban proved difficult for our planned cooking but a trip to Home Hardware in Summerford and charcoal was the solution.



    The rain got a bit heavy as we departed Lewisporte, holding up in GFW for lunch at the parents for the moment. Going to have a look at the weather radar shortly and plan the last leg home.

    Pic of the Super Tenere a la 2up:

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  10. RossKean

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    What do you use to support the tarp above the picnic table?
  11. fortech

    fortech Member

    I use a ridge line through the centre then anchor the four corners. It gives a shape of a traditional peak roof and sheds water well. While not shown in the pic, I usually find a dead stick lying around somewhere and use it as a venter pole to push up the centre as well.
  12. RossKean

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    Four corners just tied to other trees? Or to tent pegs? I thought about using a couple of collapsible poles but I really don't need to pack anything more!
  13. youk

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    Out for a run tonight and ran into Rob at Cape Spear. It's been awhile since I've been on RTR and good to be back. It was nice chatting with you tonight Rob.
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  14. skibum69

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    Rode my R65 to town from my house the other day, longest ride I've had in 3 years! At the moment it's my only transportation so the girl and I have been running around town together for a few days and tomorrow back to the house to do a little maintenance on the KTM's then off to a friend's in Western Bay for the night and a scenic toodle back to town 2up. Not very exciting but it sure feels good to be riding!
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  15. Wayne

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    So clean, looks new!
  16. Trash

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    Mike, it's good to see you putting a few miles on that old classic again!
  17. HunterSon

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    One pannier has nothing but cleaning supplies for the bike. ;)
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  18. Bob

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    Me and a buddy took a run to Timmy's in Marystown to put a few miles on his new Wing. Stopped at Vernon's Antique Autos in Swift Current. Vernon opened his doors to a dozen of us riders who were caught in the mother of all thunder and lightning storms a while back, so we patronize him when he's open. He donates the admission fees to the local high school grad class each year and to the local volunteer fire dept. Most of these cars are started up and driven regularly. This is a great local attraction if you're in the area. I'll try to put up a few pics in no particular order... IMG_0445.JPG
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