Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

Discussion in 'Ride Reports & Photos' started by murph, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    Reincarnation of Relics most popular and long lasting thread.
    Spin your wheels today???? Tell us all about it.
  2. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    Went for a ride downtown after work on the Big Ruckus. Traffic is a tangle in this town from 1630-1730 but I did a bit of people watching from the side of a busy intersection. Truth be known the drivers were patient and relatively courteous. GouldsGuy spotted me from his box and said hi.
    Still using the GSA on the weekends but the scooter does most of the day to day work.
  3. DRZ400

    DRZ400 New Member

    My nephew and I took the bikes out to northern pond yesterday for a spin. 2 mins into the ride I took a good crash on the drz. Going to fast, bald rear tire and loose gravel made prefect recipe to destroy the signal lights, crack kickstand and twist handlebars. I jumped up after the fall and picked up bike got a roll of black tape and taped up what was hanging off, manged to twist the kick stand back into some shape and we carried on for a nice hour and half of riding, at much slower speeds though :)
  4. versys Rob

    versys Rob Active Member

    Yesterday I had my closest call to a high speed spill all season. I just about got squat between some idiot in a civic and a tractor trailor on ORR. Guess the civic did not notice me in hi vis jacket and helmet passing him. I guess cages are not expecting us to be still out there. My rage disipated within a minute or two. I stopped and cleaned the crap out of my shorts. Hard to do when you are still shaking!!
    Nice new brake and clutch levers installed. I would have been really pissed if he caused me to break my new levers.

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  5. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    Took the GSA out to Paradise this morning. Had to put the liners in the pants because at highway speeds 3c goes to the bone pretty quick.
  6. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    I've been riding everyday since getting my new ride last Thursday. Trying to squeeze in every last bit. :eek:
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  7. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    New Ride????? Spill the beans buddy.
  8. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    I bought Ingo's 2008 Honda Varadero last week.
  9. HerrDeacon

    HerrDeacon Active Member

    Real beauty too :cool:
  10. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    Thanks. And welcome to RTR!
  11. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    Rode with a few from Ontario in NS this year and they were quite pleased with them. Like the Trans Alp, I think the problem is not the bike but the marketing. Good rigs.
  12. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    As far as I know the XL1000V were only sold in Canada in 2008-2009. And never sold in the USA.
  13. gouldsguy

    gouldsguy Member

    Congratulations Wayne!

  14. Spiff

    Spiff Member

    Ahhh the Transalp. My first love. I attempted to buy one around 1989 or so-ish....memory fading. Honda One was in the old building and had only one. They discounted it pretty heavily and were going to throw in a bunch of literature and stuff. They even let me test ride it around the parking lot. At the time it was still 4 grand or so if I recall. Not cheap. The bank turned me down even after just paying off my V30. I have lusted after the Transalp (in white of course) and hated banks ever since.
  15. -Cy-

    -Cy- Member

    Managed to get out for a quick hour after work. Did a section of the trails around windsor lake, crossed over thorburn road to the woods on the southside of thorburn. Came out again behind the PCSP town hall.

    Cool on the hands, what are people using for gloves that aren't too bulky? Heated grips aren't feasible on the CRF (stock stator). Just using mechanix winter armour gloves now.
  16. dresda

    dresda Active Member

    Get yourself some wool or silk glove liners, they make quite a difference. You find them in ski and outdoor shops. They don't have to be very thick, just lightweight will do.

    Last June we had to ride home from Bancroft to Ottawa (200kms) in unexpectedly lousy weather - 2C in the morning and raining. It never went over 6C all day. And the DRs have no heated grips of course. I bought 2 pairs of extremely cheap polyester 'magic' gloves, those very tiny stretchy ones that girls wear, and Mike and I both wore them. Even though they were 100% polyester they helped considerably.

    Another idea is to wear very large rubber gloves over your regular gloves. I got a pair of fish-plant gloves in Port Rexton a few years ago that were excellent but any heavy duty rubber glove will help.
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  17. ProZac

    ProZac New Member

    First mod I do to any bike I buy now is heated grips. You can get decent ones for $35 with dual elements and no resistors. Cheaper than most pairs of decent gloves. Go right under your stock grips and not that hard to install. I only ever wear summer riding gloves. I hate the feel of thick gloves when riding bike. I bet they would work with your bike they don't draw that much.
  18. HerrDeacon

    HerrDeacon Active Member

    Do you have a link to these type heated grips?
  19. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    Took the KLR out today. Has anyone ever killed one of these things? Reliable to the point of frustration.
  20. -Cy-

    -Cy- Member

    What he said!!!

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