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Discussion in 'Buy & Sell' started by keith, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. keith

    keith Active Member

    I'm looking to do some motorcycle camping next season and i have zero experience in this. Not much experience camping either TBH.

    Not sure what i need but if you have anything for sale let me know.


  2. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

    Most of my stuff is getting a bit worn and in need of replacement (esp. tent and sleeping bag). Next time around, I am buying higher quality but I probably wouldn't recommend starting out spending a lot.
    I'm probably not the best to recommend specific gear but you should define a few relevant parameters:

    Staying at campgrounds or wilderness camping?
    One or two days or longer stretches?
    Multiple days at one location or moving around?
    Is camping for the sake of camping or as cheap accommodation (I do both)?
    Spending days mostly riding or at campsite doing "camping stuff"?
    Planning on preparing food at campsite or eating in restaurants?
    Near a place for grocery shopping or bringing food?
    Fancy or simple if cooking at campsite?
    Fair weather only or any conditions?
    Minimum temperatures you wish to accommodate?
    Solo, with one other person or with a group?
    Available packing space? (Will affect a lot of your choices)

    Tons of websites out there (of course).

    These popped up with a very quick Google search - hundreds of others too!
  3. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    I have run the gamut from cheap to expensive and my recommendation is to buy cheap at first. Second hand is easy to come by because many people buy it, try it and don't like it. You may be one of those. Kijiji is your friend on this.
    I went with a (never used) second hand (higher end) tent this year and am pleased with the purchase. More than the cheap stuff but it worked well in torrential downpours.
    Sleeping pad helps especially with a bony ass.
    Knowing your size the biggest issue is most equipment is sized for average bodies. You are not. A three man tent is not a three man tent for us. Toss your gear in and sleep crossways and it is a one man.
    I have a free to you Eureka to give you if you want it. Third hand but it has always worked well for me. Passing on a gift from another member.
  4. TonisToo

    TonisToo Active Member

    On my last trip of 17 days I camped solo 14 nights. I have 19 days in a tent so far this year and plan to attend the Soiree this weekend and another 2 week moto-camping trip in September.
    I did a lot of canoe camping-fishing over the years also.

    I am finally pretty happy with my set-up to the bike. I don't like to carry a lot of un-needed stuff but I like a bit of comfort too. Here's my two cents:

    1. Ortlieb waterproof duffle to carry the camp set up items. First thing off the bike to open up when you arrive. Contains the following:
    2. MSR tent. I have the 2 man Elixir 2 for when I'm solo and 3 man Mutha Hubba for 2-up. Don't skimp on a tent. Plus you need some space inside for your gear to be comfortable on rainy days. Ensure you have a ground sheet.
    3. Sleeping bag. Currently using a North Face rectangular. Ensure it is rated comfortable down to the temp ranges you expect. If you ever do 2-up camping consider bags you can zip together versus mummy style. Small stuff sack is ideal.
    4. Small blowup pillow. Sea to Summit I think is the brand. I use my buff as a pillow case. Comfort.
    5. Sleeping pad. Another place not to skimp. I have the Thermorest and I don't like them. I bought a 3" thick Cabellas pad that blows up and it packs down really small and is very very comfortable. Costs less than Thermorest.
    6. Glow in the dark plastic hammer to drive tent pegs. From Princess Auto. Small brush and dust pan to clean inside tent and wipe it off when rolling up the next day.
    7. Head lamp. For setting up or taking down or use in the tent. Hands free and excellent.
    8. Head net for bugs. Usually disturbing the flies when setting up or taking down. Small thing the size of an egg.
    9. Optional pack chair or camp stool.
    10. Optional solar latern. Recharges in the sun gives off wicked light in the tent. Very nice. Would not do without. Stick it in your map case in tank bag to recharge during the day.

    All of this sits in the duffel on back as I said. Side cases are for clothes and food. I usually wear motorcycle boots (Forma Adventure) and take sandals for camp and everything else.

    Be realistic about how much cooking you will do. Cooking gear takes up a lot of space. I have learned I hate cooking and cleaning up at camp. I would rather sip a beer, hike and take photos. Eat a granola bar for supper. I usually limit myself to a small stove and a bit of stuff to brew a coffee or tea.
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  5. TokenBlonde

    TokenBlonde Member

    Outfitters on Water Street hosts a "Gear Swap" event twice a year...usually June and November I think. It's a great opportunity to buy good used camping gear. I've scored some wicked deals there, including the tent that we've been using for the past two years. On that note, if you buy an older tent, it's a good idea to thoroughly test the water-proofing BEFORE you go on a trip. Don't ask me how I found that out.

    I actually love camp cooking...I have a stove that's the size of a cigarette pack, it screws onto a gas cannister. $16 at Coastal. A hiking-oriented MSR cookpot/bowl/cup combo serves me well, as does a long-handled toaster rack thing I use for grilling meats over the fire. It's a bit of fun throw together a meal with the sparse ingredients found in round da bay corner stores, haha.
  6. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, a good tent is top priority! I have the MSR Hubba Hubba, that I was lucky enough to buy used. But very light weight, easy to pack and setup. And the walls are completely mesh, so no worries of condensation and the full fly will keep you dry from rain. Having said that, the The Outfitter sells a tent that is practically identical to the MSR, called Eureka for around the $200 mark (compared to a hubba hubba which is probably north of $600).

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  7. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    And a plug for The Outfitters, they insist in setting up the tent for you to see. Always great customer service from them.
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  8. Jim C-G

    Jim C-G Active Member

    Ross has some good questions to ponder. Some of them will only be answered after you've camped a few times and a lot of the times we are camping in multiple conditions and for multiple reasons.
    Fall sales and used are great places to start.
    For one person, you need a 2-3 person tent. For two, a 4 person tent.
    Solo I can carry a decent sized tent, my clothes for at least 4 days, air mattress, cooking gear and food for at least 2 days and then it purchases on the road.
    2 up, it's the smaller tent (tight) and virtually no cooking gear and food.
    Due to limited vacation time I've only been tenting 3-5 nights most summers... but I've doubled that this year and with retiring I'm finally going to a tent trailer so what I carry will triple.
    Everyone's gear will differ by budget, what they just happen to have and what is important to them. I have a little 6" cast iron pan to make bacon and eggs in because that is important to me and the damned thin steel cook set will burn the eggs!
    Here's my gear as of 6 months ago... going to have to redo this over the winter. Buy the best you can... quality is important but there are equivalents out there to the "top" brands. But don't worry about starting out without the top, must have products, sometimes good enough is enough to get started.
  9. TonisToo

    TonisToo Active Member

    Totally agree that tent is tops. Many tents now have nice dual vestibules that you can use to cook in and store your gear outside, protected from weather but accessible from inside. I spent too many miserable nights in leaky tents resulting in damp sleeping bags and bug bites. I would generally save up each winter and buy one piece of quality gear to use on my annual fishing trip. Last night I got out the old pup tent my Dad bought me for my birthday around age 13! Still going! Might be a Leatherman for Christmas or a head lamp for my birthday but it had added up and quality gear has stood the test of time and added to my love of camping whether it is combined with a canoe, motorcycle or car.

    Outfitters gear swap is a great idea. Usually good used options out there too. I use those Black Friday sales online and I got a great deal on my tent at Altitude Sports (online).
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  10. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    And speaking of tents, if space is an issue, here’s a tip.
    I bought a cheap motorcycle cover at Princess Auto. A great way to keep your jacket/boots/helmet out of the tent. Leave them on the bike and protect/hide with the motorcycle cover.
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  11. TonisToo

    TonisToo Active Member

    Also Keith if you're going to the Soiree this weekend I have a Thermorest and a sleeping bag you can borrow to try out to combine with Murph's tent offer, you'd be all set!
  12. keith

    keith Active Member

    Murph! Thanks so much! I will take it for sure. And when/if its time to upgrade i will pass on the gift as well.

    When is a good time to pick it up?
  13. keith

    keith Active Member

    I have to be out of my house on Sunday from 2-4 pm for an open house. Me and the misses (and 3 dogs) have plans to go for a picnic in Brigus South during that time so I'm not sure i can make the Soiree. Maybe i can get out for Saturday night. Hmmmmmmm.

    How much was this Soiree again?
  14. TonisToo

    TonisToo Active Member

    We are planning to go out Saturday the long way round and come back Sunday. I do not know what the cost is.
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  15. keith

    keith Active Member

    1 Both
    2 To start 1-2 day trips.
    3 Maybe both
    4 Camping for enjoyment
    5 Maybe both
    6 Preparing food at first to see if i like that
    7 Bringing food if i can
    8 Simple cooking. Loves me a tin of beans or spaghetti o's LOL
    9 Hopefully fair weather only to start
    10 Summer or early fall tamps
    11 Solo or group. Others have their own tent.
    12 No clue about this.
  16. keith

    keith Active Member

    Nice tent Wayne! I like the No condensation idea.
  17. HunterSon

    HunterSon Active Member

    I actually get a little claustrophobic in a sleeping bag and tend to run a little hot anyway. I pack a sleeping blanket (basically a half sleeping bag) and a fleece sleeping bag liner. My air mattress goes inside the sleeping bag liner and I sleep on top of it. The sleeping blanket allows me to move freely during the night and if extra warmth is needed I put one of those reflective emergency blankets under the air mattress. Keeps you from loosing body heat to the ground quite effectively. I have stayed in the tent down to about 7 or 8 degrees overnight and been comfortable.

    Final thoughts, a good tent and sleeping pad, (or air mattress or cot) will keep you happy.
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  18. keith

    keith Active Member

    I may tag along with you Tony if you dont mind. Would be nice to meet some people.
  19. TonisToo

    TonisToo Active Member

    Sure, our plans are pretty loose at the moment. Sheila will be on the Vespa and we are planning to ride basically the back roads Route 70. Leave mid morning and have lunch somewhere along the way. The gang is planning to eat at Grates Cove Studios for supper on Saturday. If you want to drop by the house to pick up the gear then I'm usually home after 6pm 685-1508 is my cell.
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  20. keith

    keith Active Member

    Thanks again for the tent Murph. I left a treat for you hanging in the same spot. Enjoy!

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