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Discussion in 'Out & About' started by TonisToo, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. TonisToo

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    Trash and I rode the Trans-Lab clockwise in 2017 only 14 months ago but it seems a lot longer. I was wondering if anyone had a solid idea of how much more asphalt has been laid in the various sections since then? It was early in the season last year and they were still preparing the subgrade out of Red Bay. Here's what I recorded at that time:

    Manic 5 to Relais Gabrielle: ~100kms
    Fire Lake to Lac Bloom: ~65kms
    Goose Bay to Port Hope Simpson: ~312kms
    Port Hope Simpson to Red Bay: ~136kms

    613kms total mid June 2017

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  2. fortech

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    I drove it in May and the asphalt was laid as far north as Mary’s Hr if memory serves. Also ~ 85 kms south of HVGB.

    Can’t comment on 2018 numbers but I’m certain you can add maybe another 40-50 kms to that for sure
  3. TonisToo

    TonisToo Active Member

    Thanks! I get asked this a lot and met a guy headed there this week who was wondering also. Couldn't seem to get the info on Government websites in the searching I did and I was wondering where 2018 efforts were focused.
  4. Trash

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    I wonder the same thing about the Dalton Highway up in Alaska.
    I suspect it looks a lot different now than the first time I rode it seven years ago.
    Who wants to giv’er a go and see how its changed?
  5. Bob

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    Hey Trash, don't know ya personally so hope it's ok to reply to your post.
    I'm planning to ride North from BC in June 2019 and another rider is always welcome for part or all of the ride.
    Ideally I'd like to ride the Robert Campbell, Dempster, Dalton and Taylor Hwys in that order. I know I'll be lucky to get one or more of these rides depending on the weather.
    I've only ridden in Yukon and Alaska once but that taught me to chase dry weather or wait out the wet stuff, so I have no problem either way.
    I'll have about a month and I'd like to leave BC in time to make the D2D event as I've never been, Everything else is a moveable feast.
    PM me if any of that works for you. Bob
  6. skibum69

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    Hey Trash, I know both of you and I can attest you’re both good people. Go have a good time.:p
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