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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bob, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Bob

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    Anyone know what the deal is on accessing the new power line roads across the Province. These will open up access to a lot more country, but will we humble taxpayers be allowed to use them?
  2. murph

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    I already have. There was no gates or signage to state otherwise so I poked the GSA down the Old Cabot Highway in Chapel Arm until I hit it and proceeded on it back to the TCH near Peak Pond. The throughway appeared well used and graded but the dead ends are just blast rock and had me concerned about gashing a set of worn Tourances.
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  3. Bob

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    I haven't seen any gates or signage yet either murph. I've seen people using the roads to go berry picking, cutting firewood etc. while the lines were under construction. It seemed like the contractors couldn't care less as long as no one got in their way.
    Now that the construction phase is over I'm wondering if the public will still have access.
    If you can use the new power line road there's now a nice 20Klm loop behind Clarenville that includes the Ski White Hills road, Forestry Access road, Shoal Hr. Pond road and Trynor's Pit area without having to use the TCH. It also runs from Ski White Hills road towards Goobies but I haven't been out that way yet.
    I heard they would be bermed off at the entry points so they wouldn't be used as secondary roads, just wondered what others here had heard...
  4. fortech

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    I have been told that there are no plans at this point in time to block access to these roads. The NL public are free to use these roads at their own risk similar to other forest access roads across the province.

    It is possible that some infrastructure may have to be removed at a future date at some sensitive locations. Outfitters and cottage associations seem to be the most vocal.

    The longest routes now available would include Terra Nova to Grand Falls Windsor and Taylor’s Brook Road (Hampton Highway) to Hawkes Bay.

    I would think it is now possible to travel from Terra Nova to Burgeo Highway by using a comibination of the new transmission line roads and former Abitibi Price roads.
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  5. skibum69

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    lots in Labrador too
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  6. Backdraft

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  7. fortech

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    That route is fairly accurate but some tweaks have been made to some sections and thus the right of way has been rerouted in local areas vs the above link.

    Keep in mind that access is not continuous throughout the entire right of way. In the interest of reducing costs, sometimes large rivers were not bridged and therefore access was provided via another route from the TCH. Existing forest resource roads were used/upgraded where suitable to do so.

    I’ve had the opportunity to drive many of these routes for work so if anyone would like some info to help ensure a safe passage or just general info, feel free to shoot me a PM and I’ll see if I can help.
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  8. Backdraft

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    Knew you would chime in.

    I am planning the Taylors brook to big bog this summer...
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  9. fortech

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    There has been a small number of washouts as a result of the January rain storm that will prevent thoroughfare from Taylor’s Brook to Hawkes Bay at the moment. Should know more about the repair(s) in the coming months.
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  10. Bob

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    Thanks for the info guys... this might turn out all right after all!
  11. sleepyhead65

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    So far I've had some good fun locally on the power road from Witless Bay line back to the TCH headed towards St John's. It has nice views and many connecting roads as you get closer. The soldier's pond substation is a little confusing to navigate.

    Going the other way is beautiful but mostly shorter in and outs due to water.

    I really like like these as an alternative to the Trailway with it's loose gravel and alders growing in. Most areas I can get the Varadero in and out safely. Murph's observation on the blasted rock is accurate though.

    I intend to spend as much time as possible on these trails this spring. I'm counting on their open nature to lose the ice rapidly once the temps come up. I'll definitely be asking for advice Fortech!
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  12. Bob

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    Shouldn't be too long before a few ride reports on these areas start popping up here and elsewhere. Taylor's Brook to Hawke's Bay area has world class whitewater, hiking, hunting, skiing and sledding territory so there's probably a few Inmates experienced in different sections of that route. I you want a primer for that area read some of Earl Pilgrim's books... "Will Anyone Search For Danny" and "Jump Ranger Jump!"
    In 1990 a dozen of us skied from Hawke's Bay to Hr. Deep in one day and back to Hawke's Bay the next day. It would be a bad area to get injured.
  13. sleepyhead65

    sleepyhead65 Member

    Where is Taylor's brook? I can't find that on google maps...
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  14. Bob

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    Taylor's Brook is off Rt 420 in White Bay area en route to Sop's Arm Provincial Park.

    Here's their FB link:
    And here's the link to the Park:

    "Taylor's Brook" also refers to a moose hunting area like "Dashwoods", "Black River", etc.

    If you look at this NALCOR link on Pg. 3-28; Sec.; #40 you'll see that route in the "Taylor's Brook" area and that the line crosses at the intersection of Routes 420 & 421... so I guess you'd pick up the transmission line there:

    It would be good to know if there are any unbridged rivers or other show stoppers between Taylor's Brook and Hawke's Bay. If not that would make an awesome loop.
  15. fortech

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    Take Taylor’s Brook Road (TBR) itself if you want thoroughfare to Hawkes Bay. TBR itself intersects the T Line st KM 60. Approximately 150 kms from Route 420 (Taylor’s Brook Road) to Route 430 (Batteau Barrens Road) just north of Belburns.
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  16. sleepyhead65

    sleepyhead65 Member

    Thanks Brian that will be on the hit list this year for sure

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