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  1. HerrDeacon

    HerrDeacon Active Member

    I'm looking out the window right now and its snowing, almost May and its snowing like a day in February. I can't help but think I jinxed the weather by buying a new bike this year and if this is the case I apologize :oops:. I've done more staring at it in the garage since buying it than actually riding it, really hoping this weather turns around soon or I will have to look at getting some snow tires or see if I can trade it in on a quad. Long range doesn't look too promising either :confused:
  2. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

    Even though I'm not in Newfoundland, can I blame you for our monumentally crappy spring?

    Snow is finally mostly gone here but there has been a lot of rain and flooding. That is to go with the wind and mostly cool temperatures. Quite a few local roads are closed because of high water so destinations would be limited even if weather was better.

    I have managed maybe 600 km so far but would normally be at 1500 or more by now. Short term outlook isn't great here either. Might manage a 50-100 km run after work tomorrow.

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  3. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    Have not even taken a bike out this year. The Big Ruckus has been running errands but as it sits covered in sleet and snow tonight and just saw the salt truck for the second time today I also have to wonder if it is not Herr Deacons fault.
  4. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    Here in BC we're still occasionally getting 30 to 50cm in the mountains, 10 to 20cm in the passes, zero temps overnight at lake level and snow forecast in the valleys this weekend.
    So, I've decided to wait until early May to insure the bike and hope for a warm Fall so I can ride thru Oct.
    Can't blame HerrDeacon for the weather out here, but if we have snow when I come home in July I'll know why:eek:
  5. Trash

    Trash Active Member

    We have had a few days of fantastic Spring weather here in Wisconsin.
    It showed up shortly after you purchased your Africa Twin.
    I have been able to accumulate 1,500km on my GS since your big purchase.
    I was giving you credit for the big turn-around, HerrDeacon.

    Alas, they are predicting snow, and a big drop in temperatures, starting today, and through next week.
    It was fun while it lasted! :p
  6. HerrDeacon

    HerrDeacon Active Member

    Ha ha, I'm glad someone benefited from my purchase. Feel free to send along some money for me to buy another bike to help appease your weather gods.

    This weekend's forecast looks like I'll be spending some time in the garage instead of riding. Probably a good time to set the suspension preload so its ready to go if the weather ever improves.
  7. skibum69

    skibum69 Well-Known Member

    I don't give a shit, I'm getting a ton of work done on the house. We anticipate getting the last of the new spruce floor down upstairs today, the missus is 95% done the plastering. That's the last two big jobs done!

    Just finished this one this am
    finished this one last Friday
    all that's left is the hall and thresholds
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  8. dresda

    dresda Member

    We're having an equally shitty spring in eastern Ontario. Woodstove still in daily use. Lots of rain. Cold. Windy. Flooding on the Ottawa and Gatineau rivers.

    We've only been out on the bikes three times this season so far. Didn't get out in March at all and usually we are out after the second weekend.

    We leave for a camping trip (RV, car, dog, bicycles) on Thursday. Bringing the woollies.
  9. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    Enjoy the trip and I hope the weather smiles upon you.
  10. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

    Looks like we may be in for a few decent days at last. 15 C today. 19 or 20 C for Sunday and Monday. Will be nice to consider more than an hour or two on the road.
  11. skibum69

    skibum69 Well-Known Member

    I might come visit in the fall when 8 go to the R65 LS 40th anniversary rally in PA.

    And my floors are done! Yay!
  12. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    St. John's

    Wintry mix expected early Wednesday.

    Rain will spread across southern and eastern Newfoundland tonight, and then transition to wet snow over many areas as temperatures turn cooler during the early hours of Wednesday. Snowfall accumulations will range from just a trace or less over lower elevations at the coast, to generally around 5 cm inland and over higher terrain, with localized heavier totals possible.
  13. dresda

    dresda Member


    It was cold and windy. Really windy. At our beautiful lakeside site in Presquille PP we had to run a space heater with fan onto the windshield of the camper most of the time so we could at least look out the window at the lake. We had a space heater running all night every night.

    I did a fair bit of cycling but it was while wearing my full cold weather gear.

    Came home a day early. We are all tired, especially Jack who usually spends more time during the day asleep than he can while camping. He was a very good dog in the confines of the camper however and didn't get Mike up in the night to go outside once.

    Glad to get home to a fairly warm day yesterday, ordered a pizza and watched Monaco qualifying.

    Today is cold again, only 12C outside.
  14. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    High twenties here in BC but now fires are a big concern.
  15. HunterSon

    HunterSon Active Member

    You were lucky! When I was A child we would dream of 12C........

    Only 4C here today. The weekend was nice and sunny though. My rides this weekend varied in temperature from 8 to 15C.
  16. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    Back in my day.....we would ride to and from work, up hill both ways, in single digits all summer.
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  17. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    I'm "pre Metric" so I still dream in Farenheit. :cool:
  18. Trash

    Trash Active Member

    Some of us will never change.
  19. dresda

    dresda Member

    It is such a cold spring. Ask Murph what it was like the year he visited us during the May long weekend. He found vents in his jacket he didn't know he had!

    Often one of the hottest weeks we will have all summer will be after that weekend. Not this year however. We are having the coldest wettest spring in 50 years here.

    12 is okay if it isn't too windy though. A bit of sun helps too.
  20. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

    If you can believe the long range forecast (Accuweather), Newfoundland is going to have a below-average June as well - at least NB is getting back to normal-ish for most of June and above normal for July.
    July for NL looks "normal" but there is still lots of time for that to change between now and then.
    I don't think I can remember a winter/spring as disappointing as this one.
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