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Discussion in 'Testing' started by fortech, Sep 19, 2017.

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  2. RossKean

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    There is a story here???
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  3. fortech

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    Trying to host a pic third party since Photobucket is no longer an option.

    It didn't work
  4. RossKean

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    I have had luck with Flickr, Imgur, and Google Photos. Also I think the Google Photos can be a bit fussy but I managed to get it to work...
    I did get yours to post but it disappeared after awhile. See if this one stays.

    I also put it into a "Shared" Google album - try and see if this one lasts... (below)
    Crap, it disappeared too, after a time.

    Tried "Copy Image" and a simple "Paste" into the post and it is showing (below), for now...
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  5. fortech

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    Still see the last but not the first two
  6. RossKean

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    The first one seems to come and go for some reason!! (I deleted the second attempt.)
    For the third one, I had the photo in a "Shared" Google Photos album. I opened the picture and just "right clicked" on it. Choose "Copy Image" and use "Ctrl V" to paste directly into the thread with no need to use forum tools. Did the same for the picture below. Holding up so far...
    As I mentioned, I have also had good luck with Flickr, although you have to do some stuff if you don't want the photo to be a direct link to your account (Let me know if you want a simple Flickr tutorial). Imgur and work too. If I did a lot of photo posting or if I ran a blog of some sort, I think I would go to a paid service like Smugmug for capacity, bandwidth, ease of use, and security.

    Note: If you want to be able to see Photobucket-ransomed pictures on someone's ride report etc., there is an add-on extension for Chrome that will make the pictures magically appear!
    This add-on for Firefox:

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  7. Bob

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    Me tooooo... still struggling with smug mug as you can see in my pathetic 'testing' attempts here. Knows why they're called 'smug mug' now... they got my $64.00CDN and I got SFA:mad:
    Seriously, I cant get the pics to show up on the forum like the ones above. What's the secret?

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