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Discussion in 'Out & About' started by versys Rob, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. versys Rob

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    Perhaps I should name it out"out and off". I need to vent my stupidity! Again!
    I was out enjoying a ride today in the hail. When I got home I noticed my topbox was GONE. Inside was my treasured air hawk. I last saw it when I was dropping off some blueberries to an elderly lady who does not leave her home!(insert, Ahhhhh here). I remember taking the precious berries out of the topbox on Bannister St. In Mt. Pearl before I headed directly out Manuals access road to CBS, Fowlers road turn off. I assume the wind caught the particially fastened topbox on the highway. I doubled back in my van as soon as I got home for fear that it launched into someone's windshield. No cars in ditches and no RNC cars around. I drove out again, no luck. thought I would post here in case someone hears of it.
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    What was that "Tax" again?

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