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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wayne, Aug 11, 2017 at 10:44 AM.

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  2. Savage

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    Yeah, this has been a tragic week regarding motorcycle fatalities in the province ... three in past few days ... sad in deed.

    No shortage of idiot, inattentive cage drivers out there either. Took my scoot for a wee spin after supper yesterday ... was stopped at stop sign, waiting to turn right on to Topsail Rd. when I hear a screech of brakes ... look behind to see a VW Jetta a mere inch from my rear tire ... buddy who was also planning to turn right, was obviously looking left for a clearing in oncoming traffic while car was still moving forward!! Jeesuz ....
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  3. Trash

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    I was amazed to see how much the pace of traffic had increased on the TCH since my last visit five years ago.
    With that said, single vehicle accidents usually suggest some form of operator error, unless a critter triggers it.
  4. Wayne

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    I think the one earlier this week was a car that crossed the center line and took out two bikes.
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    Drove out to Trinity Bay North on the weekend and decided to skip Veterans Memorial and take the scenic route north by Whitbourne to get to Hearts Content. Just before Cavendish a train of vehicles comes down a hill towards me and with the lead vehicle being a Dodge Ram towing a boat. The boat was filled with stuff and I 'thought this ain't good'. No sooner had the thought gone through my noggin when the wind takes a blue rubber maid tub on top and launches it and its contents and some other stuff ten feet up into the air. I gassed it and weaved to avoid something long, narrow and beige which i believe was the awning for the boat! there was traffic behind me and I crested the short hill a little faster than I had wanted to as I didn't see the outcome. However the traffic following was no longer there!
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    I don't blame you for skipping Veteran's, I drive it all the time on my way to and from home and there are often people driving 70 in the 100 kmh zone which ramps up the risks people will take to pass. As for flying debris that too is far more common than it should be.
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    We drive to Winterton most weekends and you're right, that highway is probably the most stressful section of the drive. The Whitbourne route however has a lower speed limit and I have remember to 'temper' my expectations. The traffic that day too was unbelievable. Maybe because it was a really nice. Funny thing though is that I rode my bicycle a few Saturdays earlier, albeit in the morning, from Winterton to Whiteway and back and I don't believe I saw more than 30 cars moving the whole way their and back.

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