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Discussion in 'Technical & Maintenance' started by Wayne, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    I’m not sure of the exact name, other than plastic plug. Anyway, does anyone know where I can buy theses? UAP/Napa doesn’t display them anymore and the few from “out back” isn’t exactly the size/type I was looking for.

  2. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

    I have always called them rivets. Quite a few of them on my Yamaha FJR and a couple of different types in a couple of different lengths. (Mine are all the same diameter, I think.) Some have just a pin in the center which is pushed in to release. Others have a Philips or similar head where a quarter turn releases the rivet. I have seen them at automotive places (like Napa) but never had any luck getting the right size/type for my bike. I get them from Yamaha when I need them - not often, if I am careful.
    If you are having trouble finding them, do a Google search for plastic rivets and look at images!!
  3. regfu

    regfu New Member

    Used alot on Honda cars , front bumper, wheel wells etc.
  4. Backdraft

    Backdraft Active Member

    Napa in corner Brook carries a wide assortment of them.....
  5. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    They use to have a decent selection in town as well. But the guy that works there said they had to remove all these from their store. Weird. I might try a different NAPA
  6. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

  7. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    I just noticed Amazon has a pretty big selection too...and a better value. Thanks everyone.
  8. Trash

    Trash Well-Known Member

    I believe they are called ‘scrivets’ in my Triumph Service Manual.
    There are many on my Trophy with Phillips heads, and the secret to removing them is to use very light pressure as you release the screw from the body, so the whole assembly doesn’t turn.
    I have been able to find them at some ACE Hardware stores here in The States.
  9. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    The Parts counter at your local dealer got none? They had lots at NAPA in Clarenville this Summer. Had to make some minor repairs to a splash guard on my 4x4.

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