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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wayne, Nov 7, 2017.

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    I can see doing the TLH on a KLR. Riding in Alaska as well - all the way to Prudhoe Bay or up to Inuvik on the Dempster Highway. However, while the ride from Fredericton to Saint Barbe to start the TLH adventure might be tolerable, I can't imagine the run from New Brunswick to Fairbanks on a KLR (8500 km one way). If I had one, I would certainly make use of it locally (and probably love it), but I think I need something else to do the longer distances to get to where I want to do at least some of my riding. Same applies to some of the routes I would like to do in the American Northwest.
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  2. murph

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    Having some KLR experience I can tell you it is quite capable of the distances but the comfort of the larger adventure machines is more important as I age less than gracefully.
    To me the 800 Tiger, F700/800GS option is there for that reason. It deals with the issues at both ends of the spectrum without giving up too much in either end.
    They also seem to hold a fair amount of the resale value as compared to the big machines.
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    Me too! The Tiger is also on the list of bikes to look at and the various BMW options are possible but only affordable in something used - not necessarily a problem. Having ridden touring bikes (FJR, in particular) with tons of excess power, I realize that I will have to make some adjustments and I don't think the KLR will fall within my minimum performance envelope. Given the often limited amount of time I have available for longer trips, I have to be able to do successive 1000 km days to get to a destination without requiring the services of a chiropractor along the way. I don't need a road-sofa but my butt won't tolerate a chunk of 4 x 4 wooden post for a seat!
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    I agree. I did the TLH run which was just under 5000klms in 9 or 10 days....and the bike is not comfy as a bigger adv bike. But I will admit that I did become accustomed and felt like I could continue after the trip with no complaints. I never had the feeling of wanting to complain of the comfort level. Having said that I'm not pushing the KLR as a good adventure bike. For me, it is my second bike and I really like it.
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    The Honda Varadero as far as I know was only sold as a 2008 and 2009 model in Canada and never sold in the USA. I really like this bike. It is an excellent, comfy bike on the highway that rides like it is on rails....even in windy/rainy conditions and with knobbies tires and full camping gear, I felt very stable at highway speeds. It has a 1000cc engine with 94hp (0r 97hp, I can't remember) and can handle the dirt roads and light trails. Yes it is a heavy bike, but personally I prefer a bigger/heavier bike. I've dropped the KLR more than a few times, but only dropped the Varadero twice that I can remember. For me, it is hard to spend a ton of money on a new bike, when I like my current ride so much. My only complaint(s) with the Varadero is the HISS (Honda Ignition Security System) which appears to have reliability issues. And despite having a limited selection of accessories, what is available is good and I have most all no need to spend more money, lol.

    Back in the day the Varadero and the Africa Twin were similar, so much so that some parts were interchangeable. I was disappointed in my first look at the Africa Twin, it seemed 'light' and very plain, and in much need of proper accessories (and these accessories are pricy being a new design bike). It seemed more suited to short rides/off road rides rather than a long distance bike. In my opinion, the Africa Twin was a little over priced for what you get. Having said that, the 2018 does have some nice improvements......I believe overall taller, better suspension, bigger fairing, etc. So Maybe the 2018 is gearing more towards longer distance travel. I would like to see the 2018 in person.
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    I now have the road to Tuk on my radar, if I can make it happen Iplan on running my 640 Adventure as long as I feel somewhat secure in it running strong after the full run of maintenance that I have almost finished. That bike has been good to me and keeps me happy in pretty much any terrain.

    I will be interested to see what the new 700 KTM turns out to be.

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