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    I put an O ring in a waterproof GoPro case so I could power it from the bike. It's been weatherproof for the past five Seasons and no hassles with batteries.
    Props to Inmates who are vids and share them with us... I've made three DVD's of rides and ski trips to share with family and friends so I know how much work that is.
    I usually take about 100 mins of Go Pro and several hundred (900ish) stills (Canon Powershot Elph 360HS) plus notes and a daily GPS (Garmin Montana 650) tracks on longer rides "just in case" I want to do something with it later...
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    I think you are supposed to at least credit the artists, my bad I did not
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    That looks like it was a great time!
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    Here's the link to his action camera reviews page. Each entry is the link to a written review and usually a pretty good youtube vid.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks sleepyhead65. Got that one bookmarked for future reference:)
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    No worries, I edited that question out as it don't really pertain to the OP's post on camera equipment.
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    The Roaming Rally is a hoot! They just cancelled this year’s due to something family.
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