Motorcycle Fatality

Discussion in 'News' started by RossKean, Sep 9, 2020.

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    Neighbor passed it yesterday. Sad
  3. Trash

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    I spent last weekend in the Smoky Mountains with some other Trophy riding buddies.
    I rode the Tail of the Dragon southbound Saturday morning on my way to the meet-up, and witnessed the aftermath of a collision between two Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It didn’t look good. We purposely avoided The Dragon on Sunday and Monday to avoid the crowds, and spent our time riding the excellent roads without names, that were less heavily traveled.
    On Tuesday morning I rode The Dragon northbound on my way towards home and wasn’t surprised to see bits and pieces of motorcycles all along the route, not to mention thick black pairs of skid marks heading off the roadway here and there.

    Sad to say, a motorcycle license is not an indicator of skill.
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  4. skibum69

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    I saw people pulling a cruiser out of the weeds on one of my trips down the Dragon.
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    Nice form on the Dragon there Trash!
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    My first trip down the Dragon
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    I thought so too until I got passed on a 15 mph hairpin curve by a squid on a hypermotard doing about 45 mph and dragging a knee.

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