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    Hey folks, have any of you been following Lyndon's Races to Places series or his Dakar running? If you want awesome video from awesome locations around the world plus an amazing Dakar Malle Moto video series this is the man you want to follow. His feature video about Rally Mongolia was great too, brought back memories of when I was there for the same race. I've been following him and throwing $$ at his Dakar runs for years. He's got a new project on the go sending a team of 5 to the Africa Eco race and he's trying to drum up $$ on Kickstarter to pay for the video production through the whole event. From experience I can tell you it will be amazing. Here are a couple of links to what he's up to. I'm sending some shekels for this 'cause I know what to expect. He's 70% there with 12 days to go so why don't you step up and help out?

    When Patrick Trehan was going to Dakar from Montreal the $$ I sent and the last bit RTR members sent him was the last straw he needed that actually got him there, he was super stoked for the help we sent. Let's do it again for Lyndon! He's a super nice guy too, chatted with him a few times.

    If you go to the beginning of this thread you can see his whole video series. An incredible amount of work went in to creating these. Post 1711 is this project.
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