List of Lighthouses on the Rock

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    Newfoundland Canada Lighthouses
    Bacalhao Island. Gander, NF Baccalieu Island. St. Bay Bulls (Bull Head) St. Belle Isle North End. St. Boar Island. Stephenville, NF Brigus. Burnt Point. Gander, NF Cabot Islands. Cape Anguille. Stephenville, NF Cape Bauld. Cape Norman. Corner Brook, NF Cape Pine. Cape Ray. Stephenville,NF Cape Spear (New)
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    Welcome aboard Newfie Tom! If you would like to ride with me to all those lighthouses you might become my newest best friend!
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    That is quite the list with about 80. It's the best resource I've seen yet for the province and it will certainly help in my little quest. From this list if you were prudent with your route and in a hurry I think you could pull off 60 in a week! I need me a new highway map so I can start laying out a plan. If you extended to 2 weeks you could really do some damage! I do know from experience several on there that you cannot get to a place to take a photo.

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