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Discussion in 'Gear & Apparel' started by Wayne, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    I'm looking to replace my "normal wear" Klim Overland Jacket. I paid $369 for my Overland and is now replaced with the Carlsbad with sells for $699. That's quite the jump! Before I order, has anyone tried on the Carlsbad jacket?

    Klim warranty isn't all that great. The sleeve on my Overland tore. Upon further inspection, the material in that particular area is super thin and in a crease, so that material has no chance to survive the life of the jacket. I did contact Klim about this and their response is "normal wear." Which I think will be a common response for anything that goes wrong with their life time warranty items!

    Previous to this, I had threads come loose on the cuffs and around the neck. Yes, they would repair it, but the shipping to and from would be on my dime. Plus the wait time is undetermined. So in a nut shell, not worth it. Having said that, Tony's Tailor Shop did the repair. He doesn't have Gortex thread and not certified for Gortex repair. BUT he did use a thread that he's uses on fire fighting items. So far held up great, greats guys and very affordable. I think each cuff was $5

    I will get him to stitch up the tear in my Overland, but not likely it will be waterproof. It will be good as a spare jacket.
  2. TonisToo

    TonisToo Active Member

    I tried on the Carlsbad at the Cat Shack in Nova Scotia with the intention of buying it. I wanted to love it but didn't. It fit me very poorly and the armor felt like a lot less than what I was already using. This was 2 years ago and the Carlsbad has been re-designed with improved armor and comfort apparently. It definitely needed it.
  3. skibum69

    skibum69 Well-Known Member

    I can't comment as I threw down for the Klim Adventure suit. I'm sending the pants back as the vent zippers keep sliding open when I ride. Everything else on the suit has been excellent.
  4. Backdraft

    Backdraft Active Member

    I am into the Badlands setup. Absolutely love it!!!

    Neighbor bought the Latitude jacket. Very nice.

    Criteria for me was GORTEX motorcycle suit with great protection.

    Hard to shell out that kind of money.

    As for KLIM warranty, or lack of. I have a pair of KLIM motorcycle gloves that the left palm leather wore through on all fingers, while the right palm looks like new. "Normal wear" Disappointed in their customer service.

    So much to choose from in gear, it's a hard decision//////

    Good luck

    Also, GP Bikes in Whitby offer discounts for first responders, and you can setup status card for tax free savings. And they have a great selection of gear. and deals
  5. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    I had Alpinestars gloves wear the same. Many years old, and fully refunded by Alpinestars.
  6. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    I too really like the klim jackets, and the reason why I plan to buy the Carlsbad jacket.
  7. HunterSon

    HunterSon Active Member

    They can get in trouble with CRA for the tax free stuff if the persons home address is not on a reserve.
  8. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    Has anyone tried an Alpine Stars Bionic Pro or similar under a gore tex shell? I had one a while back but sold it because the gore tex shell fit the leathers but was too loose on the Bionic Pro. Too cheap to buy a second gore tex shell at that time LOL
    Anyway, might consider that combo again because it looks like there's some decent CSA rated Level II stuff out there now. Anyone on here got experience with that combo?
  9. JMP

    JMP Member

    After 15 years using Hein Gericke my good wife gave me a Klim Latitude jacket and pants for Christmas, came with a one year Rever subscription and Butler maps in the app. Several of the folks I ride with use the Klim and say they don't get wet with the Klim so I am looking forward to trying it out. Seems a little stiff on initial try on but I am sure it will get more comfortable with wear. I had to return the pants for a different length and was a little shocked at how much this stuff costs, Klim has a high price tag in the shops out here.
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  10. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    Yep, my riding buddy Wayne has had a Klim suit for several years now, and I know it's excellent weather protection. He visited the Aerostich outlet in the States on one of his rides home recently and thinks he may go with that next because it's a fair bit lighter. He says it's still pretty spendy, like Klim. I think he was looking at the Darien model, not sure if that has the chest protector like his Klim tho.
  11. TonisToo

    TonisToo Active Member

    Aerostitch will tailor your suit to you specifically to guarantee the fit and there are a lot of custom options. Cool spot to visit if you're ever in Duluth. They have a wall of suits that people have crashed in so you can judge for yourself how they perform. As I understand they do take a while to "break in" and develop that patina diehard fans love.
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  12. skibum69

    skibum69 Well-Known Member

    I've always wanted to stop in there.
  13. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    I have been using a Darien for a couple of seasons as a touring jacket. No thermal qualities to speak of so a sweater/liner is needed here on the island.
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  14. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    Good to hear. He was just coming back from a month in Baja and said the Klim nearly killed him with the heat down there. His next tour will likely be South too so that's why he's been looking at the Darien.
  15. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    Yes, that's the place he visited. He usually has a good look around before he commits to buying gear, but I suspect he'll have a lighter suit before he heads South again. He found the Klim too hot in Baja.
  16. skibum69

    skibum69 Well-Known Member

    good venting helps
  17. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    It looks like the 2020 line up has gone up yet again!

    My Overland jacket was $369 when I bought it.
    The replacement now is the Carlsbad and was $699 before Christmas.
    And now the Carlsbad is $799
  18. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    There's a Size L Badlands Jacket here for $650.00 if anyone is interested...


    Further down the page is a Size L (54-56) Men's version of the BMW suit that I bought for my wife in 2013. Her's was a Women's Medium. The price has since doubled.
  19. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    I pulled the trigger on a 2020 Carlsbad. I mean with orange trim, how could I not.
  20. Backdraft

    Backdraft Active Member



    COngrats Wayne, buying Klim gear is like talking to your wife about having a child... lol

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