Is the KLR coming back????

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RossKean, Oct 19, 2020.

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    We do know the fate of my '01 - we sold it to a friend of Juames, and he does NOT want to sell it back to me. I tried.
  2. skibum69

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    It worked fine for the weekend despite the feeling, I remember you telling me after that it was running way rich. That was one deep water crossing, I got a bit lucky on that and I know enough never to let off the gas. When I rolled in the water knocked my feet off the pegs so I was basically just lying on the seat/tank going through it. I also went a bit left of where most were crossing which might have helped me.
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  3. Trash

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    I was reading a thread on this subject on another Forum yesterday, and learned that Kawasaki has delayed introduction of the new replacement until next year. Apparently, Kawasaki Heavy Industries has decided to spin off their Motorcycles Division as a separate entity. It will be very interesting to see whether this action results in expansion or downsizing...
  4. Bob

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    Never owned a KLR but here's a few things I'd want:
    Comfy saddle for multiple consecutive long days
    Pre 2008 styling
    Six speed tranny with first being tractor gear and sixth for slabbing
    Spoked tubeless 17"R & 19"F with optional tubed 18"R & 21"F
    Switchable ABS (required by law?) but no ESA, no ASC, no TPM
    Fully adjustable F&R suspension
    Removable pillion seat with extended integrated rear milk crate rack underneath
    Removable pillion peg brackets
    Extra wide pivot rider's pegs
    Under seat gas tank with options for additional aftermarket capacity
    Intake & storage where gas tank was
    Fuel gauge backed up with visible fuel stripe on tank
    Oil glass
    Heated grips and rider seat
    Optional rider's backrest
    Good aftermarket hand guard options
    1.25" crash guards with room for foot pegs, lights and tool kits
    LED lighting
    Plug and play wiring for quality aftermarket lighting options
    Metal front and rear brake reservoirs
    Wet mechanical clutch
    Adjustable clutch lever and adjustable F&R brake levers
    One USB and one cigarette lighter outlet
    Adjustable removable windshield
    Robust skid plate to double as centre stand for road side maintenance
    Simple down tube steel frame, dual sided swing arm and heavy duty factory reinforced rear sub-frame
    All roadside maintenance doable with OEM on board tool kit
    Oil and filter change doable through hinged opening in extended skid plate
    Manual cam chain adjuster
    Screw type valve adjustments doable without tank or radiator removal
    Removable emissions controls
    High breather intake with quick removable pre-filter and fine mesh screen
    All vent hoses fixed high with one way filters not to clog with debris or water
    Battery mounted as low as possible
    All accessories except trickle charge cord wired to fuse block under rider seat
    Beak, quick detachable fender and fork brace to fit 19" or 21" front
    OEM mudslinger rear fender
    Go/No-Go feeler gauges specced to min-max valve and spark plug settings
    Quality countershaft spline and sprockets, easy sprocket changes, castle locknut, quality counter sprocket guard
    Easily accessible air/oil/gas filters, fuel pump and water pump
    OEM chain oiler with sight glass
    Factory sorted Do-Hickey (it's time...)
    ALL consumables (oils, filters, cleaners, tool sizes, tires, tubes, bulbs, valve stems and cores, light lenses, fuses, plugs etc.) available at Walmart, NAPA, Crappy Tired
    Upgraded electrical output... don't know much about this but maybe 400+ W alternator output, upgraded stator, built in voltmeter, 300 CCA battery etc.
    Option for easy plug and play Denali or similar higher db aftermarket horn
    Preferably an air cooled carb model in KLX trim available too
    Bigger single, maybe 700cc? Some version of the Versys twin would work fine too
    Optional removable kickstart
    Optional center stand
    ~ 350 lbs wet w/out crash bars, skid plate, hand protectors, luggage rack, rad guard, windshield
    All routine services doable in a Walmart parking lot under a tarp on a windy rainy night while perched on the aforementioned milk crate
    Don't need 'high performance' in a bike like this, need high dependability and low maintenance
    Optional flat military colours please - urban camo, British green, khaki, battleship grey etc.

    But that's just me day dreamin'. Be nice to see what KLR owners really want...
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  5. skibum69

    skibum69 Well-Known Member

    Don't want much do ya?
  6. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    Low cost, low tech, low maintenance, low performance, low centre of gravity, low seat height and high service intervals. LOL
  7. RossKean

    RossKean Well-Known Member

    Much of this stuff could be done but at what cost? Not necessarily a lot if it can be done with off-the-shelf bits but all bets are off if a significant amount of new engineering and design are required.
    Most seems reasonable until you look at a steel frame and bigger engine with the weight coming in at just 350 lb wet.
    I will be interested to see what they come up with.
  8. Trash

    Trash Well-Known Member

    Given the successful introduction of the Yamaha Tenere 700, the question to me will be whether they choose to compete directly, or respond with a more road worthy version like the KLR was.
    My guess is that, as previously speculated, they will use a current engine (probably a twin) that's already in production, and end up with something that looks more like a V-Strom than a Tenere.
    Given current emission and safety standards, I'm afraid that it's weight is going to easily be more than 400 lbs. I hope that my prognostication is wrong!
  9. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    Anyone know why they delayed it for another year only weeks before their scheduled release date?
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  10. Bob

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    Yep, given the existing KLR platform I don't see how they could compete directly with newer T-7 and AT. We've speculated they'd pull together a parts bin bike to be Euro Emissions compliant, but would that appeal to us in the first world market? And does the market need a new ADV/DS bike from Kawasaki when it's saturated with high tech Euro and Japanese offerings already.
    So, wouldn't there be more sales from offering a couple of sizes (650, 350) of a simpler bike aimed at second and third world countries? A simpler KLR/KLX 650 and also a smaller KLR/KLX version similar to the old DR350, XR350, XT350s. Be interesting to see how the Honda CB350 does in the Pacific Rim market.
    Maybe they'll stick with stone axe technology, market to emerging markets with un-pluggable emissions controls, and make it serviceable under shade tree conditions.
  11. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    I think they're offering some good 'retro' inspired bikes now in the Z650/900RS models but it would be very hard to compete directly with the Honda and Yamaha ADV/DS offerings.
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    Used to be one of the here in Pasadena
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    YES! We bought a GS450 for our son and the fuel light would come on just as the bike came to a sputtering halt. We bought a very expensive transparent fuel tank as an alternative to calls for gas deliveries. With the DR I just go by intuition.
    YES! I miss the feeling of a job well done when the bike starts on the first kick. Or the 40th. Whatever.
    For sure. Who thought it was a good idea to eliminate centre stands. I was amazed at how much was missing from the Monster I bought when I got back into riding. Plus the bevel drive tower but that was different.
    Yes with correction in bold.
    Or on the side of a road, motel parking lot....
    Yep, if you saw the roads we prefer you'll see why power is not the priority... Handling and suspension and brakes are way more important.


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