I Got to Touch My Dream Bike This Evening!

Discussion in 'Out & About' started by Bike Nomad, Jun 15, 2017.

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    I bought my first dual sport back in 2007, while I was home for a year, a DR 650. Sold it when I returned to the mainland. After I was gone I discovered advrider and Ride the Rock. I got enamoured with the KTM 690’s, followed multiple threads on advrider for years. Managed to get as far as sitting on one in a dealership in Texas. When the Husqvarna 701 came out it became my new favourite. I’ve been back in GF-W for almost 3 years now, and of course the nearest Husky dealership I’m aware of is in Dartmouth, N.S. Whilst out riding my current dirt bike (21 gears and less than one horse power) I saw a young fellow standing in the driveway with this beauty. 2017 Husqvarna 701 Enduro. Sixty kms on it, bone stock. Probably the only one on the island? His uncle works on the mainland, and is letting his nephew break it in for him. Best uncle ever I’d say! I got to touch the thing, and chat with buddy for a few minutes. It really made my day!

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    That is a beauty! I'm very partial to the Husqvarna's myself. Someday...
  3. Such a beautiful machine! I'm curious what KTM is going to replace the 690 with since it is no longer listed on their website. I heard rumblings of a 390 and 790 adventure class. The big difference about owning a bike like KTM or Husky is the reliability. I'm assuming if you were to ride a Husky in NL the only place you could get it serviced under warranty is a KTM dealership since it's basically the same bike as the 690. Can't beat a DR650 for reliability any day.. not that I am biased or anything.
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    It's hard to keep up with the KTM's lately. They went from a 690 to a 990 to 1190 and then a 1290 and then the 1290 split into three versions. And there is a 1090 amongst the mix as well.

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