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  1. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    I ordered a new exhaust slip-on from Dominator. Despite them being in Amsterdam, they are extremely fast and easy to chat with. I haven’t received it yet, so fingers crossed that all goes well. They build upon order and quality test, usually 6 business days before shipping. Five year warranty. Oh and they sell pretty nice tank pads too.
  2. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

    Nice looking exhaust systems at a pretty reasonable cost, too.

    (I love the Staintunes that came with my (used) FJR but would never have paid the price for them.)
  3. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    The last bike I looked at had a Leo Vince system that lightened the load by a claimed 30 lbs. I cringed at the fact that the owner did not have the stockers because I had an experience with a seller who told me that a Jardine system on a Ulysses was so nice he threw the stock muffler away. It was not. It was horrendous and the fate of the deal was sealed before it got out of the truck. The Vince system was not harsh on the ears and I would not be opposed to the sound.
    I hope yours is the same way for you.
  4. Trash

    Trash Active Member

    I have never purchased an aftermarket exhaust for any motorcycle I have owned. Until now.
    The exhaust flapper on my GS produces such a sweet sound under acceleration, that I couldn’t pass up the chance to purchase a very lightly used Trident exhaust for my Trophy. I was a little nervous about the volume but shouldn’t have been, as they are an approved aftermarket supplier to Triumph. The new exhaust has just enough added rumble to satisfy me, and probably weighs less than a third of the OEM exhaust. :cool:
  5. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

    I had a set of Leo Vince on my previous FJR - also came with the bike. I took them off after 75,000 km as they were getting noisier than I liked. A lot of aftermarket mufflers have fiberglass packing which breaks down after a while and they need to be repacked. Went back to the OEM which are heavier but all metal baffles. (Staintunes are all metal as well.)

    Again, I wouldn't normally pay for the privilege of having a noisier bike. For me, quieter is better. Staintunes are pretty quiet with the DB inserts. Throatier without them.

    Wayne - Did you order the "decibel killers" as well?
  6. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    Dominator comes with a DB killer. And they have other levels of DB killers that can be ordered. So I should be able to have it the way I like. The biggest reason getting and aftermarket slip-on is for weight and physical size. The oem is big and heavy.
  7. HunterSon

    HunterSon Active Member

    I have titanium Akrapovic exhaust on my MT (recycled from my FJ). Not much louder than stock but definitely much more bass. And about half the weight.
  8. Trash

    Trash Active Member

    EXACTLY! ;)
  9. skibum69

    skibum69 Well-Known Member

    I have a Ti Akro on the 640 and maybe Mac on the R65, the 525 has the stocker
  10. fortech

    fortech Active Member

    Titanium Akrapovic on the Tenere as well. Very pricey if you buy new, but a good deal can be had if you’re cheap like me and troll the forums and patiently wait
  11. skibum69

    skibum69 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn’t mind something Ti one 525 for weight if nothing more
  12. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    Confirmation this morning that it is now made and tracking number to follow tomorrow, or the next day. Or maybe Monday
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  13. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    I still need to trim the hanger bracket and get a metric nut to re use my hanger bolt.
    OEM just over 13 lbs. New one just over 4 lbs.

    Usually takes 6 days to make. But because they were busy, it took 14 days to make. But once made, shipping took one week from Amsterdam.

    Currently has a DB Killer installed that I plan to leave installed. Not interested in making it loud. Pleased with the sound, looks and especially weight savings.

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