Distinguished Gentlemans Ride

Discussion in 'Events, & Meetings' started by skibum69, Aug 25, 2020.

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    I've watched several YouTube videos of DGR's from all over the world (London, Manila, Los Angeles, Vancouver, etc.) … looks like a lot of fun … would def like to see a DGR around here!
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    Hey folks, why have none of you signed up? A bunch of guys on the BMW MOA forum have stepped up.
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    Good cause but I refuse to get involved with charity runs of any sort, especially one that encourages participants to use the minimum of protective equipment while riding in a group. If there is a local event, I might show up and drop off a $20 donation and not get further involved.

    A local motorcycle club used to have (still does) an annual "toy run" in support of the children's unit of the local hospital. They typically collect $2500 to $5000 or so. The last year I had anything to do with it, there was an accident involving 4 or 5 bikes and a few broken bones and hospitalizations for non life threatening injuries. I figure that incident cost the health care system five or ten times what the charity run brings in each year. Not to mention insurance costs and the personal injuries - pain and suffering.
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    I just went through this on MOA. There is nothing saying they encourage people to ride at unsafe levels. All They state is to be dapper as you ride. I'm sure any of us can find ways to make our ATGATT gear go dapper if we wanted. The only explicit directive is helmets mandatory. Considering the event is worldwide with many different riding protocols I think this make sense. In the interest of raising $$ for a good cause I don't think they give a fuck was you wear.
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  7. skibum69

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    Hey folks, just a few more days to make donations. Come on and step to donate a few shekels to a good cause. I got out for my ride yesterday.
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