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Discussion in 'Technical & Maintenance' started by RossKean, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. RossKean

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    I have been using Shell Rotella T6 (fully synthetic diesel oil, 5W40) for many years on four different motorcycles. It is a high quality oil that does not cause issues with wet clutches. Also has a robust additive package.

    Pail.png jug.png

    Regular price at Canadian Tire is $50 for a 5 Litre jug. (At least here in NB)
    Right now, there is a sale on the stuff in 18.9 Litre pails (5 US gal). Regular $157.49 marked down to $125.99 ($6.67 per Litre or $33.35 for 5L). Better still, there is a rebate available from Shell amounting to an additional $35 for the 18.9 Litre pail.

    That makes it $90.99 for 18.9 L or $4.81/litre. (Just over $24 for the equivalent of a 5 Litre jug.) Compare that to the price of Mobil, Amsoil or any other synthetic motorcycle-specific oil!!

    This will be the second time I have bought the big pail. I have a plastic pitcher that holds a little over two litres so I fill it from the pail and use that to pour into the crankcase via a funnel. Easier than pouring out of the pail directly and easier than pouring out of the 5 Litre jug.

    Using this oil almost exclusively, I put 295,000 km on my 2007 Yamaha FJR. Sold the bike last fall - engine, transmission and clutch were all original and it is still running perfectly for the new owner. Engine has never burned a measurable quantity of oil between changes. I typically change oil every 8,000 to 10,000 km but don't worry if it goes over that on a long trip. (New oil filter every second oil change as per Yamaha.) I figure that 12,000 km in a couple of weeks is easier on the oil than 5,000 km of stop-and-go over a couple of months.
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  2. Trash

    Trash Active Member

    Hey RossKean,
    Check your container of Rotella T6, and let me know if it meets the JASO MA-2 Specification that both my Triumph and BMW require. I agree that it is a superior Diesel engine oil.
  3. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

    It has always met the JASO specs.

    From the website. Linky: Rotella T-6

    API: CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 PLUS, CI-4, CH-4 ACEA E9, JASO DH-2, Cummins CES 20086; Volvo
    VDS-4.5; Detroit Fluid Specification DDC (DFS) 93K222, Caterpillar ECF-2/ECF-3, MAN
    M3575, JASO MA/ MA2, Allison TES 439, MB-Approval 228.31

    From my pail of Rotella:
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  4. Trash

    Trash Active Member

    Thanks for the clarification RossKean.
    I know that there is a loyal contingent of Rotella Users on AdvRider, but I have always thought that an oil formulated specifically for motorcycles had to be superior to one developed primarily for Diesel engines.

    Based on your personal experience, I can see why you are convinced of its suitability for your application.
    Me, I guess I will stick with my motorcycle specific oils.
    I too, have never had an engine issue in my over 650,000 accumulated motorcycling MILES, albeit, I tend to replace mine a little more frequently than you! :rolleyes: Either way, that is an excellent price.
  5. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

    Just putting the price deal out there. I know there are lots of folks who use Rotella. Depending on your source of synthetic MC oil, the cost is around a quarter as much.

    Not saying that this is any better (or worse) but my experience has been good and it meets or exceeds manufacturers specifications. Nothing magical about an oil being MC-specific, IMHO.
  6. Trash

    Trash Active Member

    Given the number of loyal Rotella using motorcyclists out there, I am probably in the minority here, but the thing that makes most motorcycles unique is the fact that the same oil that lubricates the engine, also lubricates the transmission.
    Therefore, an oil formulated for cars and trucks generally does not have the same additive package to compensate for the shearing action of the gears in the transmission, which tend to break down the molecular chains in the oil. With that said, modern synthetic oil may not be as susceptible to shearing as conventional oil, but I still feel safer using an oil specifically formulated for both an engine and transmission.

    I will now get off my soap box, and back away... :D
  7. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    I have used dino Rotella in the BMW but am using synthetic Castrol which was cheap at the initial switchover. Still using the ridiculously priced Triumph spec Mobil 1 synthetic motorcycle oil in the Tiger but have heard of people using the Rotella synthetic without problems. The Big Ruckus has had Rotella but at a liter per change cost is not an issue.
    I am of the opinion that frequent oil changes are more important than the brand name of it.
  8. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

    To each his own.
    Lots of people love the Rotella T6 and others love to hate it. Some have claimed that shifting is notchier but this is not my experience.

    Personally, I have had nothing but good luck with it for almost a half million kilometers - close to 300,000 on a single motorcycle. No mechanical failure and not even apparent wear issues although I am sure the 300,000 km motor would no longer meet Yamaha specs for a new one - but still doesn't use any oil and never a hint of a clutch slip. Engagement has always been smooth.

    I posted because came across a decent sale price at CT which becomes an especially attractive price when you factor in the manufacturers rebate. I figured that there would be some here who already used it or others who might want to give it a try for less than five bucks a litre for a synthetic. Mind you, if you don't like it, you have a whole bucket to get rid of!
  9. HunterSon

    HunterSon Active Member

    I have been using T6 for a couple of years now. Never had any issues but I do change my oil and filter at least once every 5000km. I like it. I figure if is rated to take the abuse of the big high speed turbos found in diesel motors it can take the abuse of a motorcycle transmission.
  10. HunterSon

    HunterSon Active Member

    Did you know that the standard transmission oil for a 1999 Honda Civic was regular old 10W30? In 2000 they changed it to a specific Honda brand gear oil which I was told by a Honda employee was red dyed 10W30. At 4x the price.
  11. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

    On sale again. $125.89 - 10¢ cheaper than last time.
  12. skibum69

    skibum69 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know if it’s on sale here?
  13. HunterSon

    HunterSon Active Member

    Yes, at Canadian Tire.
  14. skibum69

    skibum69 Well-Known Member

    Maybe I could get the missus to pick some up for me, I’m offshore

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