Dakar 2020-the saddest day

Discussion in 'News' started by skibum69, Jan 12, 2020.

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    This morning our time Paulo Gonçalves was killed at KM 273 on stage 7 of the Dakar. He was running his 13th edition of the rally and reports say he intended this to be his last. The Gonk was well loved by all for being a true sportsman and all around nicest guy. All of the ADV F5 crew are gutted and stage 8 of the Dakar has been cancelled for bikes and quads in homage to Paulo. We will miss speedy, he was one of the finest racers in the Dakar for many years. Godspeed.

    This year swapping an engine by himself out in the middle of nowhere was damned impressive!
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    Sorry for the double post.
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    No worries
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