Dakar 2019 Are you ready to race?!

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    Ok, some of you know that I have been supporting Moto privateers for over 10 years now. I throw a little $$ at them to help them chase their dreams as that one is not gong to be mine. It is a really easy way to own a little piece of it and it’s fun to follow your riders.

    This year I have found out about a 24 year old girl from Peru entering her first Dakar, pretty impressive. I have been chatting get with her online for a couple of days helping her source a couple of things, currently talking about spare clutches.

    Toby from Around the Block Moto Adventures is sponsoring her a bit and has posted this raffle to help, he also has a 2 week tour that follows a little bit of the race. Options to do first or last week of the tour.

    Back in 2010 myself and a few people from RTR helped out Patrick Trahan and he said our help was the final straw that actually got him to the Dakar, that felt really good. I’m throwing this out to see if we can help a nice young lady chase her dreams too. Come on folks, step up and throw in a few shekels. I am.

    I’ve run this by Gianna to tag onto the ADVrider offer and she said no problem. You want to go to Peru don’t you?

    In case you haven't heard, this incredible Peruvian 24 yr old gal, GIANNA VELARDE is going to be moto racing the Dakar 2019! Not only is she a tough kid, but also at her young age a Cancer Survivor (glandular cancer at age 14) ! She has raced MX and Enduro, even tried her hand at a Hard Enduro (aside from getting a BA in Business and being a host for many gearhead TV shows and a riding trainer!). Gianna finished the Dakar Series DESAFIO INCA 2018 here in Peru last month despite her bike catching on fire, running out of fuel 30 kms from the finish and getting stuck multiple times! On day one she was only 90 seconds off Laia's time!

    So she is raising money for her Dakar 2019 run by raffling off her 2018 MX KTM. This is really just a local Peru thing, but as AROUND THE BLOCK MOTO ADVENTURES, LLC, we are not only sponsoring her as we can, but campaigning for her with you ADV INMATES! The raffle tickets are 50 soles each (or $15 USD) and if you purchase 6 or more, we will get a commemorative T shirt to you, ASIDE from you entering in the raffle for the KTM! That is first price and there are prizes down to the 11th place, tho most of them require coming to Peru to make use of them...

    We will be doing this electronically via Paypal (aroundtheblock07@gmail.com) and will scan you your series raffle tickets. The drawing is on January 3rd, 2019. Gianna has given us 100 tickets to offer to the inmates.

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