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    282C880F-0B2A-4058-85F4-6D9A1EC92AC7.jpeg 31F21BB1-D494-4E6A-9343-E2A59636B98E.jpeg My riding buddy Wayne (not on here) and I attended the Dust to Dawson event last night.
    All proceeds from the event are donated to the local women’s shelter and to a local birth to age two child enhancement program.
    About 200 riders had registered before us but haven’t seen the final tally posted yet.
    This was a nice event which includes a steak dinner, naming sponsors, silent auction, door prizes, skills games, and a tribute to fallen riders.
    While I wouldn’t call it a somber event it definitely had a respectful, caring and thankful vibe to it.
    Probably a once in a lifetime experience for me so I know that taints my perspective...
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    I was a week behind it last year
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    There's probably lots of coverage on line somewhere. They had two drones in the air during a lot of these photos. Can't upload the vids of the drones for some reason.... :{ IMG_2048.JPG

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