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Discussion in 'Out & About' started by Bueller, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Bueller

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    Hey folks,

    I’ve an ‘83 VT500ft scrambler project on the go. Finally got it up and running thanks to some previously loved pulse coils acquired from Mr. Josh Reid, an awesome carb rebuild by Keith at Toy Box, & a few other sundries also acquired from Toy Box and Honda One.

    I have the original seat foam and pan but need it covered. Nothing extravagant until the bike proves itself, any suggestions on a seat wizard ?

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  2. skibum69

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    Someone on here was doing a seat recently, did you look in the tech section?
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  3. TonisToo

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  4. HunterSon

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    Was just looking for his contact info to post!
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  5. Bueller

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    Thanks guys

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