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    This is a 7 day trip that includes 6 days of riding off road motorcycles across the full Baja peninsula through the Chris Haines Tour Company. I have travelled to Baja with this company twice previously and they provide a great service. It starts in San Diego, CA on Oct 16, 2020 - you are picked up with the service truck, support van and motorcycles and taken across the border into Ensenada to stay at a hotel for the first night, meet the rest of the team, have supper, get prepared for the next 6 days of riding. Each day after that you meet for breakfast at 0700 with riding gear on. Their is a lead and a sweep rider plus support vehicle drivers. The price includes everything on the motorcycle trip except flights in/out, tip and alcohol. Price is $4650US for the 7 day tour, I have used a Honda XR650 and a Honda CRF450X. I usually travel one day early to San Diego and plan to stay for a few days extra in Cabo. Link for the trip is
    I don't ride a lot with the RTR crew currently but thought I would share in case others are interested. Myself and my brother are currently registered for 2020 and on our last two Baja rides we met good folks from different parts of Canada and the US.
    There are risks to this kind of riding and all proper riding gear is required and can be supplied by yourself or rented through the tour company. I did get injured in 2018 but completed the trip in the support van, looking forward to the ride next year.
    I'm not associated with this company, just sharing some info on what I think is a good ride.

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    I remember your earlier trips down there, try not to beat yourself up this time! We'll both have good RR's to post this summer!
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