Argentia trailway condition?

Discussion in 'Newfoundland & Labrador Travel Information' started by -Cy-, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. -Cy-

    -Cy- Member

    Anyone know what the current condition of trailway is from placentia junction to argentia?
  2. sleepyhead65

    sleepyhead65 Member

    I tried to ride it last year on the Varadero. I turned around as it had deep puddles and rough trail. Vara had a little nap on the side.

    might be ok with a 250 if you dont mind wet.
  3. tipler

    tipler New Member

    i usually do it once a summer. as others have said lots of standing water and some deep washouts on the section that runs by dunville. if you are going at a good clip they can be a bit of a suprise:)
    the section before the road to fox harbor used to be really overgrown but the last tume i was out someone had trim,ed it all back.
    im probably going to run it this weekend
  4. fortech

    fortech Member

    I made the run from Whitbourne to Placentia a few weeks back on quad. Can't imagine doing it on a big adventure bike. That said I don't know exactly the area to which you are referring but Wayne is right, rough and wet.
  5. -Cy-

    -Cy- Member

    Right on. I used to run it back when i worked in argentia, but havent for 4 years. Didnt know how much worse it may have gotten.
  6. tipler

    tipler New Member

    its way better now than post Igor. the locals have trimmed back a lot of the brush along the section before Dunville. that big washout just before the road to fox hr is still there but its easier goong out than coming back.
  7. WIG

    WIG New Member

    i was on the trailway about 3 weeks ago. went from conception harbour near avondale to argentia. took about 2.5 hours. its in pretty good shape. after brigus though theres about 20 kms of whoops which gets sickening. lost a small gascan from the rack and didnt even realize. someone had a good find
  8. skibum69

    skibum69 Member

    I haven't ridden it in a few years, easier on the 525 than the 640 then but still easy except for the tricky big washout section with the boulders.
  9. -Cy-

    -Cy- Member

    Ended up doing Mahers to Argentia and back on Saturday. No major issues, there's one bad washout between the Argentia access road and Fox Harbour road, bigger boulders type of thing. I may have it on video, I'll check later and if so I can post for info.
  10. skibum69

    skibum69 Member

    This big washout can be a little tricky, these are old pics, no idea what shape this area is in now.

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