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    Although I've never seen it I'm sure this has been asked before.

    Cabox, at 814 m, is the highest point of land on the Island of Newfoundland. I've been there on foot but the highest I've been on a motorcycle is:


    What's yours?
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    I assume the Gaffs have been my high point on the island.
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    Last Sunday we went to the highest settlement in Southern Ontario - Foymount, the former RCAF Pinetree line base in Renfrew County.

    At the site of the radoms:


    After an ear-popping ride down the hill:


    (Murph has been here too :) )

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    Whats the top of Marble Mountain?

    There is a service road that goes to the top you can ride up.

    Just looked it up and its roughly 546m and Gaff Topsails is roughly 474
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    Doppler radar.
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