Air conditioned helmet

Discussion in 'Gear & Apparel' started by Bob, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Bob

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  2. Trash

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    Probably well worth considering if you ride in the Southern States in the Summer.
    Where we all live, probably not worth the extra helmet weight?
  3. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    You're right Trash, probably not needed for most riding in the North East.
    Actually a buddy of mine sent the link along, he'd like to head back to Mexico (from Calgary) in April and is looking for a cooler helmet and riding gear.
    He was down there in April and May last year and said he almost passed out with the heat a few times in his Shoei flip up and Klim riding gear. He was on his V-Strom so lots of air flow, but found it really hot during the random police stops and in slow traffic.

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