'78 Honda Twin Project

Discussion in 'Technical & Maintenance' started by TonisToo, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. HerrDeacon

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    Haven't been on the site much this summer and just catching up with old threads. Love the bikes Tony! I actually checked them out this summer. My brother was looking for a bike and we went in for a look. He really liked it but wanted something more road ready but he was very tempted. So was I, if I had the room and the cash I would have picked them up, it was a good deal. The Ti looked complete just needed a bit of TLC. I had an '80 CB400T a few years ago and found it was an excellent bike, they are easy to work on and very reliable. Look forward to seeing you bring them back to life. I have an electronic copy of the Honda manual if you need it. Actually, I just copied it to my OneDrive, here is the link - https://1drv.ms/b/s!AvamI1d4F7PovnZgZHl1j-B93D_M
  2. TonisToo

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    Wow, thanks a million! Just a quick browse and it looks like that manual is better than the Clymer for sure. The bike has benefitted greatly so far from massive efforts in cleaning. Looks like there are two grease fittings on either side of the swing arm connection and the previous owner(s) must have given these great attention before and after each ride. So far I've stripped most everything down and painted the frame and cleaned the engine as best I could. Now I have put the engine back in the frame and installed the rear wheel to make it more mobile. As winter sets in and my screw driver shows up I will tackle the carbs and decide on the paint and a few custom touches I have in mind. I am searching for a new set of handle bars now. A little wider, little lower, with less sweep. I probably should stick with chrome too.
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    The fact that the previous Owner took the time to keep after routine maintenance like grease fittings bodes well for the mechanical condition of your purchase.
    Staying “tuned” for the “personal touches”.
    Hope it isn’t Triple Black! :p
  4. HerrDeacon

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    Wow, you are certainly moving along with it, sounds like you have quite a bit done. I wish I could work as fast, I move like a turtle in the garage, takes me forever to get anything done.

    For handlebars on my CB400T, I went with Emgo superbike bars which I found good. I also used them on my Gladius as well. Not easy picking new handlebars though without being able to try them out on the bike.
  5. TonisToo

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    Thanks again, I ordered the EMGO "Street Sport" bars. Great price at Fort Nine. Maybe I should have asked you if the old stock bars on your Gladius were for sale.
  6. HerrDeacon

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    I would have gladly offered them up but I gave both the stock and new ones to the buyer with the bike.

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