4th trip to The Rock

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    If I can finish the project I’m working on I’m headed north from Maine mid May. I honey mooned, (car), on the western side of the island in ‘77, rode up for two weeks in ‘12 and rode about 150 miles of the rail trail including the Gaf from Howley to Millertiwn Junction, and I chased Skibum69 all around the Avalon, a total blast! I past through for 4 days upon return from a Trans Lab in ‘14 and repeated the Gaf section of rail trail with a stay in Buchans, and rode the “highway “ according to Merve (RIP) along the west shore of Red Indian Lake to the Burgeo Rd.
    So, this trip should give me 6 days on the island which I thought being pre season maybe I’d check out Fogo/Twillingate area, possibly see some bergs. Might scoot down to Burgeo also.
    I know this was asked elsewhere last year, but I’m wondering what kind of shape the road is in on the east side of Red Indian lake. I’ll be solo this trip, as I was in ‘12, and just want to make sure I can hustle my 990 through the dirt there. I can still pick it up, but try to limit having to for those moments when I’m with someone!
    I’m not an anal planner, just get a rough idea of places I want to check out, and just Braille it, adjusting for weather and mood as I go along. Things have been balls to the wall for me work/family wise these last few years, I’m so looking forward to jumping out on 95N and heading your way. Thanks for any insights, John
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    I still may be pretty cold mid May. I’m not sure how the roads will be on the easy side if RIL if we are still going through the thaw. Last time I rode them you could drive a car on them. But that was mid summer.
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    2010(?) since I ventured on the east side. I crossed the west side in May once and the road was open but soft on the flat surfaces with ruts from the trucks causing me some problems at speed. Less traffic on the east side for sure and probably no road maintenance since then.
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    Can you believe he's not even planning on dropping by here?
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    Thanks for the feed back regarding the East side. If I can’t get through I’ll take the long way. I will scope it out for sure. And I haven’t ruled it out if time allows Skibum69!
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    It's still winter here on west coast. Not sure of RIL snow conditions..
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