2012 Yamaha Tenere

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RossKean, Jul 21, 2020.

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    KLR won't do it for me. Fine for the off-road ride but not for getting me there, especially if a long distance.

    Yeah, $21k doesn't sound like someone who is much interested in selling! .
    Good advice on bike choices! My thought was to get something that I could sell with minimal loss if it wasn't getting used very much but something I could keep indefinitely if I embraced the style. I understand that there is a significant learning curve but the intention is decent unpaved roads, not wilderness/single track stuff. (Too old for that.) As I mentioned, a KLR or DR650 probably wouldn't do it for me in the long term because many of my probable destinations require a LONG highway ride to get there. Always a difficult choice to make. Ideally, it would be nice to get a "learner" bike of some sort to ride locally and hone a few skills. I will give that some thought and see what might be available locally.

    Part of the reason for another bike is having something to ride if the other one is down for maintenance. A little variety would also be welcome sometimes.

    Haven't done more than sit on it in the showroom. I think they would allow a street demo ride but an off-road test would be out of the question. Bike definitely isn't too tall for me - I can easily flat foot it (6'3", 34" inseam). No more top heavy than my FJR for sure but something lighter might be better.
  2. Bob

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    From what you said about your plans and your hands above I'd be looking to demo a mid size twin with cruise control and a DCT or something that can be fitted with a high end after market clutch pack for sure.
    I totally get your need for comfort. WRT carpal tunnel I keep thinking of 'the street of 1000 red lights' (don't remember the actual route number) through some of the townships outside Montreal along the St. Lawrence. My wife ended up having carpal tunnel surgery on both hands after that ride. That ride didn't cause her condition, but it sure didn't help. She had a mechanical clutch and no cruise so she kept slowly falling behind as her hands would go numb. Never an issue around home but definitely became one after a couple of weeks riding, so any little vibrations or discomforts can become a thing on longer rides.
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    Never ridden a bike with cruise control, Murph I remember your brother falling asleep on the road and ending up in the ditch when he had his throttle lock on many years ago.

    What about something like a BMW 800GS?
  6. RossKean

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    I have been through the whole decision matrix a bunch of times - including a couple of threads here.
    Target is (was) something 650 to 800 cc range with a twin cylinder with some comfort and available amenities. Needs to be ABLE to run all day at 130 km/hr and still have enough to pass someone. Long distance capability is needed.
    Don't much care about chain vs shaft. Spoked tubeless wheels are preferred but wouldn't necessarily turn down a cast wheel. Reliability is a big issue for me so Yamaha/Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki come to mind first. BMW is beyond my budget and Triumph doesn't really speak to me for some reason.

    I only brought up the Super Tenere because I saw one at the local dealer. Because of cost, a new S10 wasn't in the cards (especially to get it set up right) but this was in the price ballpark I could live with and came with most of the necessary extra "stuff".
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    Decisions decisions...
  8. Bob

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    Have you considered a previously enjoyed UMJ model from the manufacturer's you named above instead of their more focused 'adventure' or 'dual sport' models?
    Personally that's where my thinking has been lately on a dirt road capable bike for solo tours because I want dependability and versatility without the big name brand issues.
  9. RossKean

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    "Previously enjoyed" is my preference assuming it hasn't been abused. The Adventure moniker results in a bit of a price premium but the bike will have better suspension travel and bodywork that should take some more abuse.

    What are you thinking about? Vstrom is sort of in this in-between category. As is the Versys. Either makes a decent street bike but can do the dirt road stuff.
  10. fortech

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    I just sold my 2012 a few weeks back, bought it in 2014 as a 2 yr old leftover. I spent several thousand more in farkles over the years and put 40,000 kms of enjoyable riding on the bike. Gas mileage was reasonable, power was reasonable, off road performance was reasonable - neither was class leading but nor was it supposed to be. The bike did everything I asked of it very well. Off road kilometres were limited, and anything beyond travel on a gravel forestry type road and the weight was noticeable - but not impossible if you knew the limitations of the bike and rider.

    I sold my 2012 that was well kitted out with similar mileage, for a little less than the 2012 you have posted. Keep in mind that at 41,000 kms it is recommended to check the valve clearance on the Tenere. It isn’t a difficult job, but can be time consuming due to the lack of clearance. I checked with several dealerships and they all comminucated 4-6 hrs depending on how many valves needed shimming. If you’re in there seep enough to be pulling the cams to re-shim, you might as well replace the cam chain tensioner (CCT) as well as they were redesigned in 2013. While rare, there have been instances of the CCT failing in the vicinity of 60-80k kms if you believe the forums.

    Upgrades of the 2014+ Is a new clutch basket to reduce vibrations as well as a newly designed CCT. Cruise, and updated dash, and a few other tweaks are available as well. I never did dwell on some of the “upgrades” of the 2014+, my 2012 was a great fit for me.
  11. Bob

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    Personally I'm just thinking about an older air cooled twin with a few upgrades. That's a process I muse on occasionally over in the 'dirt-highway bike' thread.

    WRT your options, I've seen a buddy's V-strom 1000 perform flawlessly with the only issue being a broken left rider's foot peg due to a low side on frozen ground. Lots of low mileage older V-stroms to check out on line.
    Do any non-current stock bikes interest you? Another riding buddy bought a left over Versys 1000 at a dealer in Vancouver and rode it home to St. John's camping all the way. He's about your height and says the Versys is miles ahead of the V-strom 650 which he sold to buy the Versys.
    I've noticed a number of low mileage CBF1000's (the lightly faired one) which seemed to be listed forever lightly used at some Honda dealers for about half what you're planning to spend. That would allow for any upgrades with lots of $ left over if the bike suited you.

    If you decide to blow the budget I know Yamaha has the T7 now but haven't seen one yet. I think it's about 100 pounds heavier than the KTM690/Husky701 and not really competition for those. However that extra weight plus it being a twin might give it an advantage on the highway. Unfortunately it has the side profile of The Bluenose so it could be interesting with hard luggage in strong crosswinds.

    The bike selection in BC and Alberta is impressive if you're inclined to do a fly and ride at some point.
  12. RossKean

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    Good information, thanks. I heard about the clutch basket and some people have replaced the older one with the newer one. I also read about the CCT and there was the same issue on my '07 FJR which I replaced early on "just in case". I do my own valve checks and I heard about the fact that the S10 check is a pain in the ass. I wonder how often adjustments need to be made - the FJR didn't need any adjustments until 150,000 km or so (on the third check). As I mentioned, updated dash isn't a "thing" for me and while I can live without cruise, it would sometimes be nice to have. The electronically adjustable suspension could be nice to have when changing terrain/roads but not essential - also adds another level of complexity and far more expensive to replace if needed.

    I also read about a ECU "flash" being a popular thing to do with the S10 to "wake it up". Improved performance with no apparent downside, from what I have heard.

    Sounds like I wouldn't be terribly disappointed with the 2012 but I'm not going to jump into it just now. Maybe I'll see if the dealer is interested in dropping the price a bit if the bike doesn't sell in the next few weeks...
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    I had a look at the T7 the other day and wasn't really excited. Not especially cheap to begin with and it adds up pretty quick as you add luggage and "Adventure" options. 450 lb wet vs 575 for the S10, 72 vs 108 HP.
    It is frustrating to look at used bikes when there is very little available (and at a premium price). The nice thing about this Tenere was the fact that it was very well set up and in pristine condition. I have no problem with a fly and ride - I bought my current 2011 FJR from a guy near Penticton. Can't see that happening anytime soon with the current state of COVID restrictions. Don't know if I would be willing to jump on a plane right now even if self-isolation wasn't required upon return home.
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    $2000 saving
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    You do seem to be drawn to Yamahas, and given your history, why not?
    Offer them $8,500. The worst thing that could happen is a counter offer...
  18. Bob

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    Is this a North American bike?
  19. RossKean

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    Pretty sure. Why do you ask?

    Edit: The stickers on the luggage? No idea but I would check it out.
    Most of the larger stickers are North America with a couple from Italy - based upon some other higher resolution photos I had. The flags look like they came from some sort of sticker kit - all very uniform and I think it unlikely that the bike has been to all those places.

    Some people just like stickers!
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  20. Bob

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    I ask because I know a BMW dealer in Dieppe spent several days trying to diagnose a BMW from Austria. The service manager told me they were having trouble because their diagnostic software was designed for bikes exported to North America and wouldn't work on a BMW not meant for export.
    With any luck your S10 is a NA bike and/or Yamaha has already resolved those issues.
    Besides, nice retirement gift, right?

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