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    Now with over 3000klms on my 2018 KTM 1290r Super Adventure, here are my thoughts so far:

    First off, the horsepower never influenced my purchase of this bike at all. But I will admit that it feels absolutely fantastic when merging onto the highway, highway riding and passing traffic. Very effortless.
    I was initially nervous of this power, but it is very manageable and not scary like I thought it would be. With the traction control enabled, it keeps the front wheel on the ground!

    While trying to think of my pros and cons of this bike, I have a long list of things that I love and my dislike list is barely a list. I paid $16,999 plus tax for the bike, and it's A LOT of bike for the price. The only options I needed at time of purchase is the KTM skid and KTM headed grips which integrates with the thumb switch and TFT display. (centre stand, crash bars, TKC80 knobbies all included as original equipment).

    -Suspension! Reminds me of a quad, goes over anything!
    -Steering stabilizer, pleasantly noticeable off road, loose gravel and at highway speeds. Bike feels very stable/comfortable at highway speeds.
    -My first bike with cruise control. Very easy to use and fantastic on the highway. Cruise control coupled with the steering stabilizer makes the ride/muscles less tense.
    -Heated grips....three settings and finally grips that have a nice temperature.
    -Keyless ignition and gas cap, I really like this.
    -Large TFT display with gorilla glass, easy to read, no glare. Menu controlled with backlit thumb switch.
    -Four ride modes with shift on the fly, however I mostly use SPORT and OFF-ROAD.
    -Corner lighting! It has three addition lights per side that illuminate 1, 2 or all three depending on the lean detected from bank sensors. I drive a Subaru with turning headlights that are fantastic. These cornering lights on the 1290r remind me of the Subaru. The headlight itself is very bright and broad, and these cornering lights light up the corners great.
    -Pegs adjustable up/down. Bars adjustable fwd/rearward. Toe shifter length adjustable fwd in three different lengths. Brake and clutch levers adjustable. TFT display adjustable up/down. Windscreen adjustable on the fly.
    -Forks: sag, compression, rebound adjustments.
    -Shock: sag, hi speed compression, low speed compression and rebound.
    -Hydraulic clutch and throttle by wire took a short while to get use to compared to my Varadero. Mostly because the KTM feels so much easier and much smoother.
    -Oil and filter change, while expensive, was a piece of cake.

    -Everything KTM is expensive!
    -Only 1 year warranty.
    -A common complaint with these bikes is the engine heat that is felt on the legs and butt. But honestly, I don't notice any difference from my Varadero xl1000. And the heat that I do feel is appreciated during the majority of NL riding season!
    -Charcoal canister takes the place of the tool kit. Canister delete done, and tool kit re-installed.
    -Top of the tank is plastic, and scratches easily.
    -Software updating, that has to be done at the dealer.
    -Eats knobbie tires!

    Yet to come, installing new tires while paying attention not to damage the TPM sensors and seals for the
    spokes. And my fear if/when I have to visit our local dealer.
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