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  1. Jim C-G
    Jim C-G
    I've got 2 - a smaller Givi one which I use as the camera bag on day rides and the larger Cortech one which will expand. I've had it 10 years and I think it is around 8-10 liter? Now I'll have to go check when I am home.
    Apr 1, 2018
  2. Jim C-G
    Jim C-G
    This seems to be the new one to replace mine. I would go bigger for really long tours.
    Apr 3, 2018
  3. Jim C-G
  4. Gregg J.
    Gregg J.
    Awesome! Many thanks for getting back to me. I was looking for a tanklock bag, one that stays off the tank. I did find and order one, however, the size is not as big as I would have liked! The tank bags are 'da gear' for the longer rides.
    Cheers and safe riding,
    Gregg J.
    Apr 8, 2018