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  1. Bueller
    cast off, sore wing, Broken Buell
  2. Savage
    Currently visiting the Andromeda Galaxy on business
  3. pizzaman
    pizzaman HunterSon
    Dave, come on down to Maine! Murph, Greg and Rob are again riding with me after Soiree Whatever ‘18. The plan is Vermont, New Hampshire and possibly the Adirondacks.
    1. HunterSon
      I would love to but I don’t think I can get the time this year. Work has me pretty busy this summer.
      Jun 19, 2018
  4. versys Rob
    versys Rob Gregg J.
    we will pay $105 each and sleep in a chair or on the floor. I have been considering leaving from Argentia Monday evening at 5pm. it will cost about $300 each but we will have a 4 berth cabin. We will save the long haul across our great island, so that will be about $110 in gas savings What are your thoughts? My cabin is about 1 hour from Argentia so we could go there on Sunday night.
  5. versys Rob
    versys Rob murph
    Give me a call regarding travel plans after July 1 W/e. I am attempting to book a ferry and possibly a cabin. Though no cabins available Sun or Monday at midnight crossing from Port Aux Basque
  6. Gregg J.
    Gregg J. Jim C-G
    Hi Jim,
    Gregg here from Newfoundland. I have a 2009 St 1300 and I'm looking for a great tank bag. From your profile picture, it looks like you have one. I used a 4 litre magnetic tank bag last year during a trip to Maine, however, it scratched my tank. Just wondering what you are using.
    Gregg J.
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    2. Jim C-G
      Jim C-G
      This seems to be the new one to replace mine. I would go bigger for really long tours.
      Apr 3, 2018
    3. Jim C-G
    4. Gregg J.
      Gregg J.
      Awesome! Many thanks for getting back to me. I was looking for a tanklock bag, one that stays off the tank. I did find and order one, however, the size is not as big as I would have liked! The tank bags are 'da gear' for the longer rides.
      Cheers and safe riding,
      Gregg J.
      Apr 8, 2018
  7. Millwright98
    '17 Super Tenere ES
  8. Concours
    Concours fortech
    Nice weather for a ride tomorrow! Interested?
    1. fortech
      I'd love to but am on shift out of town! Also need to change my front tire as I have a leak somewhere and it won't hold pressure. Maybe next time!
      Oct 25, 2017
  9. Tbambury
    Planning a quad run from clarenville to gander in late October. Heard there was a bridge out on the groomed track? Is this correct?
  10. Crockett
    Crockett Backdraft
    Hi Rick, this is David Hall. About 5 years ago Jeannie and I came up from Florida on our way to run the Trans-Lab, and thanks to you it was a much safer trip for us. I had tires shipped to your home, and you and your father graciously helped us mount those tires. I would like to send you a Tim Horton's E-gift card. Please send me your email, so I can have this sent to you. My email is
  11. Bueller
    Bueller murph
    Pssssst Murph you around ?
  12. versys Rob
    versys Rob murph
    I dropped into the place where you collect your paycheque on Monday. You were not there. Do you plan to attend soiree, or travel with us after? No message manager on your home phone either. I bet it is included in your phone package, it just needs to be activated. There may be a cute lady friend who could help you with that.
    Hunterson and I will be leaving Thur night or Fri morning.
  13. Jim C-G
    Jim C-G Concours
    Good to meet you today. Did not get all the way to Rocky Harbour. I got bored with the road construction. Got drizzled on on my way home. Well, Corner Brook to York Harbour only.
    1. Concours
      likewise a pleasure, I road back to deer lake, parked Connie, had a couple refreshments and checked some of your videos. thumbs up.
      Jun 11, 2017
  14. Concours
    Been away from site for a number of years, nice to be back and seeing some familiar people still here, cheers!
  15. pizzaman
    pizzaman murph
    Cheers Murph,I may be in Humber Valley area soon. I remember your mention of a sweet campsite at Rattling Brook and hoping you'd share the coordinates with me . Regards pizzaman
  16. JohnnyBet
    Love motorcycle adventure!
  17. CanADvlady78
    The Big Land, July, 2017
  18. regfu
    Like a worn-out shoe
  19. Hobo Bill
    Hobo Bill
    Traveling in search of trails and odd jobs.
  20. smeltman
    hi guys my name is eddy doyle my brother was IT STEVE . he was allways the dirt bike and I was the street bike ,we were suppose to do the ride the rock together but things came up for me and didn't get a bike together in time for the ride . I was going to do the ride with my son back in 1998 but two weeks after we make plans he had passed away out west from a work related accident at the age of eighteen .years after steve and I said well lets go to nfld on a ride , the bike hunt was on he found one and phoned me to come over and have a look when I walked in the shed all I seen was a motor hanging from a strap and a frame in the corner steve looked at me with that great big smile and said MAKING IT WORK! and that my friends is when the video was born .well someday I might make it to the rock I seen a lot of pics from steves cam looks like yas were having a great time .thank you to all for your wonderful things you said in your messages about my brother IT STEVE may god bless ! eddy
    1. Dougger
      Hi Eddy, There is always a place for you to stay at my place if you ever come this way. I still have Steve magnet on my fridge, and will always remember him with a smile. Heck we could pass for twins.
      May 21, 2017
    2. cberry
      smeltman Hi Eddy. I visited with your brother and we toured PEI. I saw that motor/bike hanging in the shed too. We had a great ride and Steve conned me into riding the RT into the grass and over to the cliffs. We also visited the trailer and I met Steve's family. It was a wonderful day.

      I'll be touring PEI again this July. Any chance we can meet up?
      May 29, 2017